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Felony Division lll

The Felony Trial Division III has principal responsibility for prosecuting minor felony crimes such as drug distribution, burglaries and assaults.  The team is comprised of a Team Chief whose primary responsibility is to assign cases to and manage a team of six Assistant State’s Attorneys with varying levels of experience. After a comprehensive training program, first-year felony Assistant State’s Attorneys begin by handling minor felony prosecutions in Circuit Court.  As Assistants gain experience, they will handle more serious felony cases in the Circuit Court.

Assistants in the Trial Division III prosecute cases vertically. This means that they are assigned cases immediately after arrest and are responsible for those cases to final disposition by trial or plea. This vertical prosecution system means that one prosecutor will usually stay with the case from start to finish, better serving the victims, witnesses and law enforcement officials involved in the prosecution of crime.

Felony Division Team III prosecutors will consistently seek sentences within the prescribed range of the Maryland Sentencing Guidelines.  Because there are other people whom society would like to prevent from becoming violent criminals, the State Attorney’s Office also considers it a responsibility to the public to help prevent crime.  That may manifest in plea offers transferring cases to two programs in the Circuit Court, Drug Court and Mental Health Court. 

At times prosecutors also work with police officers to further investigate cases. As each learns from the other it becomes mutually beneficial, and even more so for the public.  Going to court may appear to be the bulk of the prosecutor’s job, but because each case is different, every ASA has the same the ultimate objective: to protect the public’s safety.

Felony Team Ill

Name/ link to email Position Phone Number
Donna Fenton Chief 240-777-7320
 Michael Aubin Assistant State's Attorney  240-777-7423
Sheila Bagheri Assisatant State's Attorney 240-777-7334
Kimberly Cissel Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7505
Frank Lazzaro Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7465
Rachel Morris Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7410
Kyle O'Grady Assistant State's Attorney  240-777-7483
Aaron Ramirez Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7422

Felony Division Support

Name/ link to email Position Phone Number
Sue Dudley SAO Legal Assistant 240-777-7346
Cathie Pugliese SAO Administrative Aide 240-777-7364
Alica Brenes  SAO Administrative Aide  240-777-7359
Ashley Davis  SAO Administrative Aide 240-777-7353
Helen Xu SAO Administrative Aide 240-777-7375


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