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Gang Division

2017, State's Attorney John McCarthy requested funding from the County Council to proactively address the recent surge in gang related violence and homicides in Montgomery County.  The Gang Division is composed of three dedicated Circuit Court attorneys whose objective is to work closely with the Montgomery County Police Department to identify and prosecute gang members who pose a violent threat to the community.  Additionally, the Gang Division has members from the other prosecution units in the office to ensure effective investigation and prosecution in both the Circuit and District Courts. 


Name/ link to email Position Phone Number
Patrick Mays Chief 240-777-7385
Teresa Casafranca Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7476
Kelly McGann Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7315
Carlotta Woodward  Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7499
Raymond Pilkerton Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7394
Aaron Ramirez Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7422
Cortenous Herbert Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7421
George Simms Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7383
Phill Andrews  Community Outreach  240-777-7400
Lynda Earle Community Outreach 240-777-7402
Robert Hill Community Outreach 240-777-7439
Rexanah Wyse Community Outreach  240-777-7461
Jason Hinton  Community Outreach 240-777-9799


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