Age-Friendly Montgomery County, Maryland

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Age-Friendly Montgomery County, MD 2020 and Beyond
Age-Friendly Montgomery: Domain Action Plans (2020)
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Age-Friendly Montgomery: A Three-Year Action Plan
Age-Friendly Montgomery County Fact Sheet
Age-Friendly Montgomery Progress Report at three-year mark (2015-2018)

What is Age-Friendly Montgomery County?

Age-Friendly Montgomery County is an initiative to enhance the County as a wonderfully diverse Community for a Lifetime--a place where all residents can age, thrive to their full potential, and contribute as a powerful resource in making our County a better, stronger, more inclusive community for everyone.

When Did the County's Age-Friendly Program Begin?

Montgomery County has a demonstrated record of commitment to meeting the needs of its active, vital senior residents as well as those who are more vulnerable. Building on that record, in December 2015, the County enrolled in the World Health Organization/AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities. The County joins more than 140 Age-Friendly communities across the country, as well as those in more than 20 nations around the world. These localities are committed to ensuring that they are well designed, livable communities that meet the needs of residents of all ages. Montgomery County also has enrolled in the Dementia Friendly America initiative to address the needs of persons with cognitive impairments and their caregivers. These two programs complement, strengthen, and enhance one another and together will benefit the entire community.

How Does Age-Friendly Work?

County Executive Marc Elrich leads this effort, together with the County Council, residents across the County, community and faith-based organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders. Together, these community leaders offer critical input into planning for an Age-Friendly future that is designed to meet the changing needs of all County residents, with a focus on our rapidly growing and diverse older population.

Areas of Focus

An Age-Friendly Advisory Group comprised of public and private leaders oversees the efforts of ten work-groups in addressing domains considered essential to an age-friendly community. Based on information gathered from the Age-Friendly Montgomery Survey, community focus groups and other sources, the work groups have established three-year strategic plans in key domains, as listed below, to improve resources and services.

Montgomery County's Age-Friendly Domains and Missions

  1. Civic and Social Involvement: To encourage and support vital living for all older adults in Montgomery County by providing opportunities for physical, mental, and social interaction.
  2. Communication and Outreach: To distribute and publicize recognizable, understandable, timely, and accessible information on County and public resources and services for older adults.
  3. Elder Abuse Prevention: To protect elderly adults from maltreatment, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of every type through education, intervention, and prosecution.
  4. Employment : To promote the equitable recruitment and training of workers age 50 and older to enhance their employability and to benefit employers.
  5. Health and Wellness : To bring together government and community partners to expand and promote health and wellness awareness, resources, and activities for adults 55+ that help maintain or improve physical, cognitive, and emotional health.
  6. Home and Community-Based Services : To provide Montgomery County residents with coordinated, personalized, community-based support allowing them to age safely and with dignity in their communities.
  7. Housing : To ensure that Montgomery County older adults will have choices of dwelling types to meet the changing needs and preferences of this population. The County
    will support initiatives to assist older adults to age in place, downsize, choose rental housing or home ownership. Further, the County will support housing with supportive services so that older adults can remain in their communities.
  8. Planning, Outdoor Spaces, and Buildings : To "change the way we age" by enabling older adults to "stay active, to the fullest extent possible, within all areas of life; physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational, social, and environmental.  Aging within these dimensions of wellness keeps us alert and enjoying a productive life."  (Adopted from the International Committee on Active Ageing.)
  9. Senior Public Safety : To provide physical, financial, technological protection and safety for older adults.
  10. Transportation and Mobility : To provide public and private transportation and mobility systems that enable older adults to go safely where they want to go, when they want to go.

For more resources and information:

Alternative formats of this document are available upon request. Call Aging and Disability Services at 240-777-3000. People with difficulty using standard phones are encouraged to use Maryland Relay 711 when contacting organizations listed.