Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Right


Recycle Right “Oops Tag” Program

Place the correct items in your recycling bin to reduce contamination of recyclables at the Montgomery County Recycling Center.

Oops Tags


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Keep Montgomery County Clean, Green, & Beautiful


New Series on YouTube! Is This Recyclable?

In this series, we answer your questions about how to recycle Plastic Containers, Plastic Bags, Glass Bottles, Foam Packaging, Batteries, and Aluminum in Montgomery County Maryland.

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Build Your Recycling Toolkit

The DEP store has everything you need, from brochures and handbooks to recycling bins and stickers. Don't see what you need or have questions? Write to us at .


Plastic Bags

Single use plastic bags can impact streams, rivers, lakes, oceans and forests and the wildlife that inhabit them. To reduce plastic bag consumption – always remember to bring your reusable bag when shopping. Learn more about Plastic Bags.