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Solid Waste Charge for Single-family Properties in Municipalities

Applies to all single-family homes located inside "incorporated areas" - towns or municipalities.

See Solid Waste Charge for single-family homes outside incorporated areas.

Disposal Fees

  • ZERO - not applicable to municipal households. (Instead, haulers pay a " Tipping Fee".)

  • If the household's refuse collector brings its waste to the County's transfer station, a "Tipping Fee" is charged to the refuse hauler there based on the amount of waste delivered. That charge may be passed along to the household by the hauler. The municipality may be the refuse hauler.

Base Systems Benefit Charge

  • $25.78 per year - paid by all property owners via the tax bill

  • Covers the portion of the County costs of providing basic solid waste services for single-family waste that are not covered by the Disposal and Tipping Fees.

  • These basic services are programs and facilities necessary to fulfill the County's legal obligation to provide for the management of all single-family solid waste generated within the County, which services must remain available to all single-family properties. They include:

    • overall solid waste program administration
    • solid waste enforcement activities
    • general program development
    • Division management personnel
    • general engineering and technical support
    • waste reduction programs
    • operation of the Waste-to-Energy Facility (also called the Resource Recovery Facility, or RRF)
    • the "Dickerson Facilities Master Plan" (an obligation to the citizens in the RRF area)
    • debt service

Incremental Systems Benefit Charge

  • ZERO - not applicable to municipal households.

Refuse Collection Charge

  • ZERO - not applicable to municipal households.

Leaf Vacuuming Charge

  • ZERO - not applicable to municipal households.

Municipal Solid Waste Charges

  • On behalf of the municipalities of Garrett Park, Gaithersburg and Washington Grove, the County collects municipal solid waste charges via the County tax bill.

  • Direct questions about these municipal solid waste service charges to the appropriate municipal officials.

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