Who collects my trash?

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If you live in a municipality, check with your town or city office for more information about your trash collections.

Montgomery County is responsible for trash collection from approximately 90,000 homes. This service is provided through contracts with independent trash collection companies.

All other single-family and townhomes in the County have trash collection through private subscriptions directly with trash collectors. This private service is arranged either directly between residents and collectors, or through homeowners' associations.

Montgomery County-provided trash collection occurs primarily in the southern part of the County. This service is provided to single-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings with six or less units. Individually-owned townhouses are classified as single-family units. Residential properties receiving County trash collection service are billed an annual service charge.

Map showing areas with Montgomery County-provided trash service.

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How to find private trash service providers

If you need to hire a private trash service provider, look in the phone book or online under the keywords "Rubbish and Garbage Removal" for names of companies. Neighbors can be also be good referral sources. Ask them about their experiences with companies serving your community.

As you negotiate your contract, the amount you pay your hauler should be for collection services only. You are already paying the disposal fee through the Solid Waste Charge.

Sorry, we cannot provide you a list of service providers in Montgomery County.