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Gail Roper Gail Roper
Chief Information Officer

Ms. Roper has served as Chief Information Officer for Montgomery County Government since February, 2020. She is the chief technology manager for the County and is responsible for an operating budget of $45 million. Her responsibilities include information and communications technology management, including technology and information security strategy planning, technology innovation, technology acquisition and operations, broadband and cable affairs, and IT sector development.

Our Vision:

Montgomery County Government is a fully integrated enterprise in which all Montgomery County Government Departments and Offices have the ability to utilize reliable, accurate and secure information to perform the government services and functions essential to the citizens of Montgomery County.

Our Mission:

Montgomery County will use information technology to:

  • Enable our employees to provide quality services to our citizens and businesses
  • Deliver information and services to citizens at work, at home, and in the community
  • Increase the productivity of government and citizens.