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Tax and Financing Programs 

There are a wide variety of incentive and financing programs and offerings available to businesses in Montgomery County. Look below and discover where your business might benefit.

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Maryland State Funding and Incentive Programs

Accessing capital and securing financing are essential to start or grow a business - driving innovation and creating jobs are the benefits.
State of Maryland programs include venture capital investments and tax credits, direct loans, grants and loan guarantees. These programs work together to attract new companies to the state, encourage expansions and job creation, and revitalize our economy.  ‚Äč

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Montgomery County Financial & Tax Incentives

Targeted tax incentives and financing programs that help businesses to create, expand, and relocate to our community, support our goal of stimulating economic growth, and creating employment opportunities for our residents.

County Tax Incentives

Montgomery County tax incentives:

  • New Jobs Tax Credit: Combined state and county tax credits to businesses that hire 25 or more permanent, full-time employees and occupy 5,000 square foot of new and previously unoccupied space
    • Enhanced New Jobs Tax Credit: Combined state and county tax credits to businesses that create at least 500 or 1,250 new permanent and full-time positions, increase its space by at least 250,000 square feet, and pay all these employees at least 150% of the federal minimum wage
  • Brownfield Property Tax Credit: County real property tax credit on the incremental increase in property value of a Qualified Brownfield Site after completion of a voluntary cleanup or corrective action plan.
  • Energy and Environmental Design (Green Building) Tax Credit: County real property tax credit on the total property value of a building or reconstruction project that achieves a LEED certification.
  • Arts & Entertainment Districts: Montgomery County’s three state-designated Arts & Entertainment Districts, located in Silver Spring, Wheaton and Bethesda, lessen the financial burdens for local artists and the property owners who support them. 
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credit: The Enterprise Zone Tax Credit is available to businesses that locate in Long Branch, Takoma Park, Wheaton and Gaithersburg. It is designed to spur economic growth, both jobs and construction, in these Enterprise Zones. It is administered through the County’s Silver Spring Regional Center.
  • Urban Agricultural Property Tax Credit: provides a tax credit for urban agricultural properties.
A complete list of Business Tax Credits and Property Tax Credits and Exemptions is available from the Montgomery County Department of Finance. 


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