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Eastern Montgomery Regional Services Center

About the Board


The mission of the East County Citizens Advisory Board is to advise the County Executive and County Council of East County citizens' issues and concerns, advocate for regional priorities, and help to facilitate solutions.


Created:  Resolution 12-1032 (created 1993)

Purpose:  To advise the County Executive and the County Council of East County citizens' issues and concerns; advocate for regional priorities; and help facilitate solutions.  The ECCAB is actively involved in the following issues:  site selection for a new high school, the proposed Inter-County Connector; police presence in the area; new science and technology park; the new FDA campus in White Oak and the Master Planning process for the area.  The Board also holds public forums as needed on topics of interest to the community.

Membership:  Eighteen members, including one position reserved for a business representative.  The membership represents a cross-section of citizens living or working in the Eastern region, including communities in the Fairland, White Oak and Cloverly vicinities.  The area is roughly bound on the west by the Northwest Branch, on the north by Ednor Road, on the east by the Howard County and Prince George's County lines, and on the south by I-495.

Financial Disclosure:  Not required.

Terms:  Three-year terms. No compensation.

Meetings:  First Wednesday of every month at 7:15 p.m.

Jewru Bandeh, Director
3300 Briggs Chaney Road, 
Silver Spring, MD  20904.  
Telephone:  240-777-8414; Fax 240-777-8410

Duties of Executive Committee Officers

Chair – conducts the official business of the East County Citizen's Advisory Board; serves as the spokesperson on behalf of the Board and the signature authority for all Advisory Board correspondence; determines the monthly agenda for the Advisory Board in consultation with the Director and fellow Board Members; serves as the official liaison and representative to the County Executive, the County Council and the Chief Administrative Officer; performs other executive and leadership duties as required.

Vice Chair - serves in the absence of the Board Chair; serves as liaison to Board Committees in carrying out their mission and duties as it pertains to the overall tasks and functions of the Advisory Board.

Secretary – serves as the Board's "keeper of records" in conjunction with the Executive Administrative Aide; prepares all thank you letters to guests and speakers on behalf of the Advisory Board; serves as the hospitality chair in initiating Board Member acknowledgment, recognition and other appropriate correspondence (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, get well cards, etc.); maintains Board calendar and attendance log of functions, activities and events attended by Board Members on behalf of the Board.

Parliamentarian¹ – serves as the official Board authority in the use of parliamentary guidelines in providing the fundamental operating procedures for the conduct of all Board meetings.

¹ The Parliamentarian should be well-read and versed in the Robert's Rules of Order


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