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Utility Assistance Program


How to Apply

An application can be requested by phone (240-777-4450), downloaded here or picked up in person at the address below.

Customers can mail or deliver a completed application to:

Office of Home Energy Programs 
1301 Piccard Drive
4th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Documents To Bring

Eligibility Requirements


                                     Gross Income Only

July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014


Household Size

Maximum Monthly
Income Standards

Maximum Yearly
Income Standards



















For each additional person, add




Fees and Payments



1.  What is the Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)?

The Maryland Energy Assistance Program helps eligible families with the cost of heating.

2.  What is the Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP)?

The Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) is a Maryland program to help low-income electric customers pay their electric bills. This program provides eligible electric customers help paying their current electric bill. If eligible, a grant will be sent directly to customer’s electric utility to help pay past due or ongoing bills.  Benefits may help reduce monthly bills. The applicant must agree to budget billing to receive an EUSP grant.

3.  Can I be placed on a Utility Budget Plan?

The Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) also offers the Utility Service Protection Program (USPP).  This program provides MEAP eligible households access to an even monthly payment program and protection from service disconnection.

4.  What if I have a broken furnace?

MEAP offers a furnace replacement service on a limited basis.

5.  What is the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)?

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) can make needed improvements and repairs at no cost to eligible households to make a home more fuel efficient.

6.  Does MEAP effect my eligibility for Electric Universal Program (EUSP)?

No.  If a customer qualifies for both MEAP and EUSP, both benefits may be received.

7.  Who is eligible for MEAP?

MEAP is available to all income eligible Maryland heating customers, both homeowners and renters, including roomers or boarders, regardless of whether you pay your heating costs.

8.  What if my electric bill has an outstanding balance?

The Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) may assist with past due bills.  All benefits are paid directly to the electric company.

9.  Who is eligible for EUSP?

EUSP is available to all income eligible Maryland electric customers, both homeowners and renters.  Customers must have an electric bill in their name from a major utility company. Customers who live in subsidized housing where heat is included in the rent may also be eligible for help from EUSP.


 Additional Information

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