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Lost or Found a Pet?

If you have LOST your pet

  1. If you have lost your pet, you should immediately file a Lost Report with the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center:

Online: An online lost report can be filled out at Pet Harbor. On this site you will select to "Register to receive emails" from the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center (our shelter); you will receive daily email updates listing all pets found in your area that match your pet's description. Be sure that you are entering all descriptors in the proper field. Be sure to upload a recent picture of your pet.


At the Center: Bring in a picture if you have one available so that we can better match up your pet with the animals at the shelter.


By phone: (240) 773-5900

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12 P.M. – 7 P.M.
  • Saturday and Sunday 12 P.M. – 5 P.M.

Note: If giving a report by phone be prepared to give a detailed physical description of your animal, however it is always best to come view the animals currently at the Center in person.  Please provide customer service representative with a recent picture of your pet, via email if possible.

  1. Visit the Center at least every other day.

Even if you have filed a report online or by phone and searched the database of stray animals, we recommend coming to the Center often to look for your pet.

  1. Contact other local shelters. For a listing of other shelters, visit here.
  2. At the bottom of this page, you can browse through pictures of lost pets currently at our shelter.
  3. Check out other helpful online sites.


"When an indoor-only cat escapes outside -- or when any cat is displaced into an unfamiliar area -- the cat is likely hiding, usually near the escape point, in fear." 

 - Missing Pet Partnership

If you are reclaiming a pet...

It will be necessary to provide licence or photo ID and proof-of-ownership to reclaim your pet. Please be prepared to bring one or more of the following items*:

  • license and vaccination records
  • purchase or adoption receipts
  • microchip registration documents
  • veterinary records
  • In cases where "next of kin" is reclaiming a pet:
    • Power of Attorney

*Items should have name that corresponds with ID or photo identification.

MCASAC's Lost & Found and Redemption Policies

If you have FOUND an animal

Puppy being heldIf you have found an animal either bring it to the Center or, if you want to keep it in your house, file a found report with us. Many animals are reunited by matching up lost reports with found reports.

Online: An online found report can be filled out at Pet Harbor.  Be sure that you are entering all descriptors in the proper field. Be sure to upload a picture of the animal, if possible.

At the Center:  Bring in a picture. Office staff will assist you with form completion.

By phone: (240) 773-5900
After you have already phoned in a report, pictures can be emailed to your customer service represenative.


Find out how licensing your pet can help reunite you with them.

Lost Pets at the Shelter


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Contact Us: Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center
Department of Police · Animal Services Division
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