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2 NEW Bikeshare Stations are open in Montgomery County!

Check out the new station at Lyttonsville Rd & Lyttonsville Place across from the Coffield Community Center in Silver Spring and the new station at Woodmont Ave & Strathmore St. in Downtown Bethesda!

56 Capital Bikeshare Stations are operating at the following locations:

Chevy Chase Lake 

Connecticut Avenue & Chevy Chase Lake Drive  - 15 docks near the Capital Crescent Trail  

Friendship Heights

Wisconsin Ave. & Wisconsin Circle – 19 docks near the Friendship Heights Metro Station

Friendship Blvd & Willard Ave. – 15 docks



Woodmont Ave & Strathmore Street - 11 docks in downtown Bethesda

Medical Center Metro - 19 docks

River Road & Landy Lane – 19 docks along the Capital Crescent Trail

Chevy Chase Drive & Offut Lane – 11 Docks

Bethesda & Arlington – 19 docks at Bethesda Row

Elm & 47th - 15 docks at Elm Street Park

Montgomery & Waverly - 11 docks

Montgomery Ave. & East Ln. – 11 docks near the southern entrance to the Bethesda Metro

Bethesda Metro – 12 docks at the Wisconsin Avenue entrance

Norfolk & Fairmont – 11 docks

Cordell & Norfolk – 11 docks

Norfolk & Rugby – 11 docks

Battery Lane & Trolley Trail – 15 docks

Old Georgetown & Southwick - 19 docks near Suburban Hospital and NIH


Takoma Park:

Carroll & Westmoreland Avenue – 15 docks

Carroll and Ethan Allen – 15 docks

Philadelphia & Maple – 15 docks near the Takoma Park Community Center

Maple & Ritchie – 19 docks in the heart of Takoma Park

Flower Ave & Division Street – 15 docks near Washington Adventist University


Silver Spring

Lyttonsville Road & Lyttonsville Place - across from Coffield Community Center

Fenton & New York – 15 docks near Montgomery College Silver Spring / Takoma Park

13th & Eastern – 15 docks in Silver Spring near the Washington D.C. line

Fenton Street and Gist Avenue – 11 docks

Garland Avenue & Walden Road – 15 docks near Long Branch Library

East West Highway & Blair Mill Road – 15 docks

Ripley & Bonifant – 15 docks

Colesville & Wayne – 19 docks near the Silver Spring Metro Station

Fenton Street & Ellsworth – 15 docks in downtown Silver Spring

Veterans & Pershing – 11 Docks

Georgia Ave & Spring Street – 11 docks

Spring Street & Second Avenue – 15 docks

Rockville / Shady Grove / Life Sciences Center

Key West & Omega Drive - 15 docks outside Mallory Square Apartments

Rockville Metrorail Station East Side – 13 docks near the Kiss and Ride

Rockville Metrorail Station West Side – 19 docks

Frederick & Horners – 11 docks near the Lincoln Park Community Center

Taft Street & E Gude Drive – 15 docks

Monroe & Monroe – 15 docks outside the Executive Office Building in Rockville

Montgomery & Maryland Avenues – 15 docks in downtown Rockville across from the Red Brick Courthouse

Fleet Street & Richie Parkway – 15 docks

Montgomery College Rockville - 21 docks

Piccard and W. Gude Drive – 19 docks

Fallsgrove Drive & West Montgomery Ave - 15 docks near Thomas Farm Recreation Center

Fallsgrove   & Fallsgrove  – 19 docks near Fallsgrove Village Center

King Farm and Piccard – 15 docks

King Farm & Pleasant – 18 docks

Shady Grove Metrorail Station West Side – 19 docks

Crabbs Branch Way & Redland Road – 15 docks near Crabbs Branch Stream Valley Park

Needwood Road & Eagles Head Court - 15 docks

Shady Grove Hospital - 19 docks

Traville Gateway & Gudelsky – 19 docks at the Universities at Shady Grove

Broschart & Blackwell Road – 15 docks

Medical Center & Key West - 15 docks at the National Cancer Institute

Crabbs Branch Way and Calhoun Place - 15 docks

Grants from the Maryland Department of Transportation, and the Federal Transit Administration, together with County funds and contributions from the City of Rockville, and the Chevy Chase Land Company provided the seeds for Bikeshare in Montgomery County.  

Free Bikeshare Memberships Available - Based on Income Eligibility

Bikeshare is affordable for many - but for some folks it still may be a challenge. Free bikeshare memberships are available for those who meet income eligibility requirements.  The program is called "MCLiberty" - Montgomery County Low Income Bikeshare Program. Qualified individuals will receive free membership in Capital Bikeshare and free bike safety training, a free helmet, and route planning.  


Do You Qualify? Those who are currently receiving assistance through any Montgomery County social services organizations - or who may qualify through other low income criteria - should contact Commuter Services at (240) 777-8380 or via email for a registration form you may use the fillable PDF version of the registration form here.  Businesses and other organizations are also encouraged to contact Commuter Services at that number if they have interested employees or clients. 

For information on transit connections to these Bikeshare stations as well as many other transportation resources, visit MCDOT’s website.    To suggest a Capital Bikeshare station location, visit our crowdsourcing map.


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