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Presentation from the Community Dialogue: 
Dockless Bikeshare Pilot Program in Silver Spring & Takoma Park
Monday, January 22, 2018, 7 - 8:30 pm

Montgomery County offers both docked and dockless bike share. Please see 
Capital Bikeshare (docked) OR dockless bikeshare for 
more information.

Montgomery County has signed agreements with dockless bike share companies to conduct a demonstration project in Silver Spring and Takoma Park. We welcome feedback about any of these programs. Here is a map of the demonstration area:

Please note: Dockless bikeshare bikes are open to use by anyone over age 18. Instructions for use are on each bike, on the Apps for each company, and at the website links shown below. All riders are encouraged to use bike helmets. The bikes are intended for use throughout the demonstration area. They are permitted to be parked on any public property (e.g., sidewalks), so long as they don’t impede access. A 5-foot wide path must remain open to accommodate pedestrians and wheelchairs. Bikes should not be parked blocking sidewalks, doorways, bus stops, fire hydrants, crosswalks, auto or personal bike parking spaces, or on private property. See map of preferred public parking areas in downtown Silver Spring.

For a printable dockless bikeshare informational flyer, please click on this image:   Dockless Bikeshare Informational Flyer

If you have a question or comment regarding a specific dockless bikeshare company or their bikes, we encourage you to contact the firm directly.  Below is contact information:

If a dockless bikeshare bike is impeding access or otherwise parked inappropriately, please feel free to move the bike to a nearby appropriate parking space if possible, or call the company to request they move the bike.
If you have a question or comment regarding the Dockless Bikeshare Program in general, please contact MC311 or email Commuter Services at

See how it works!

Para ver en español, haga clic aquí

The latest news...

Free Bikeshare Membership For Qualified Participants Living or Working in Montgomery County! Bikeshare is affordable for many - but for some folks it still may be a challenge. Free bikeshare memberships are available for those who meet income eligibility requirements.  The program is called "MCLiberty" – Montgomery County Low Income Bikeshare Program. Qualified individuals will receive free membership in Capital Bikeshare and free bike safety training, a free helmet, and route planning.
Do You Qualify? Those who are currently receiving assistance through any Montgomery County social services organizations - or who may qualify through other low income criteria - should contact Commuter Services at (240) 777-8380 or via email for a registration form.  Businesses and other organizations are also encouraged to contact Commuter Services at that number if they have interested employees or clients.


Bikesharing in Montgomery County

Montgomery County is now part of the regional Capital Bikeshare system. Bikeshare trips can provide quick, easy connections among home and transit, work, school or job training centers. Bikesharing makes the first-mile/last-mile (or 2 to 3 miles) connection to transit easier. It's an inexpensive, green way to get around!

Capital Bikeshare Stations are operating at the following Montgomery County locations:

Takoma Park

  • Carroll Ave & Westmoreland Ave – 15 Docks
  • Carroll Ave & Ethan Allen Ave– 15 Docks
  • Philadelphia Ave & Maple Ave – 15 Docks near the Takoma Park Community Center
  • Maple Ave & Ritchie Ave – 18 Docks in the heart of Takoma Park
  • Flower Avenue & Division Street - 15 Docks at Washington Adventist University
  • Takoma Park Recreation Center – 15 Docks
  • New Hampshire Ave & Kirklynn Ave – 14 Docks
  • Sligo Ave & Carroll Lane – 15 Docks

Silver Spring

  • Fenton St & New York Ave – 15 Docks near Montgomery College Silver Spring / Takoma Park
  • 13th St & Eastern Ave – 15 Docks in Silver Spring near the Washington D.C. line
  • Fenton St and Gist Ave – 11 Docks
  • Garland Ave & Walden Rd – 15 Docks near Long Branch Library
  • East West Highway & Blair Mill Rd – 14 Docks
  • Ripley St & Bonifant St – 15 Docks
  • Colesville Rd & Wayne Ave – 18 Docks near the Silver Spring Metro Station
  • Fenton St & Ellsworth Dr– 15 Docks in downtown Silver Spring
  • Veterans Pl & Pershing Dr – 11 Docks
  • Georgia Ave & Spring St – 10 Docks
  • Spring St & Second Ave – 15 Docks
  • Lyttonsville Place & Lyttonsville Rd - 15 Docks
  • East West Highway & 16th Street – 19 Docks

Friendship Heights

  • Wisconsin Ave & Wisconsin Circle – 19 Docks near the Friendship Heights Metro Station
  • Friendship Blvd & Willard Ave – 19 Docks

Chevy Chase Lake

  • Connecticut Ave & Chevy Chase Lake Dr - 14 Docks near the Capital Crescent Trail


  • River Road & Landy Lane – 18 Docks along the Capital Crescent Trail
  • Chevy Chase Dr & Offutt Lane – 11 Docks
  • Bethesda Ave & Arlington Rd – 18 Docks at Bethesda Row
  • Elm St & 47th St - 15 Docks at Elm Street Park
  • Montgomery Ave & Waverly St - 11 Docks
  • Montgomery Ave & East Lane – 11 Docks near the southern entrance to the Bethesda Metro
  • Bethesda Metro – 12 Docks at the Wisconsin Avenue entrance
  • Norfolk Ave & Fairmont St – 11 Docks
  • Cordell Ave & Norfolk Ave – 11 Docks
  • Norfolk Ave & Rugby Ave – 11 Docks
  • Battery Lane & Trolley Trail – 15 Docks
  • Old Georgetown Rd & Southwick St - 19 Docks near Suburban Hospital and NIH
  • Medical Center Metro Station - 19 Docks
  • Woodmont Ave & Strathmore St - 11 Docks
  • Pooks Hill Rd & Linden Ave – 15 Docks

Rockville / Shady Grove / Life Sciences Center

  • Rockville Metrorail Station East Side – 13 Docks near the Kiss and Ride
  • Rockville Metrorail Station West Side – 19 Docks
  • Frederick Ave & Horners Ln – 11 Docks near the Lincoln Park Community Center
  • Taft St & East Gude Dr – 15 Docks
  • Monroe St & Monroe Pl – 15 Docks outside the Executive Office Building
  • East Montgomery Ave & Maryland Ave – 15 Docks in downtown Rockville across from the Red Brick Courthouse
  • Fleet St & Richie Parkway – 15 Docks
  • Montgomery College Rockville - 21 Docks (Campus Dr & Mannakee St)
  • Piccard Dr & West Gude Dr – 19 Docks
  • Fallsgrove Dr & West Montgomery Ave - 15 Docks near Thomas Farm Recreation Center
  • Fallsgrove Blvd & Fallsgrove Dr – 19 Docks near Fallsgrove Village Center
  • King Farm Blvd & Piccard Dr – 15 Docks
  • King Farm Blvd & Pleasant Dr – 18 Docks
  • Shady Grove Metro Station West Side – 19 Docks
  • Shady Grove Metro Station East Side – 19 Docks
  • Columbus Ave & Gramercy Blvd – 11 Docks
  • Columbus Ave & Tribeca St – 11 Docks
  • Crabbs Branch Way & Redland Rd – 15 Docks near Crabbs Branch Stream Valley Park
  • Needwood Rd & Eagles Head Court - 15 Docks
  • Shady Grove Hospital - 19 Docks
  • Traville Gateway Dr & Gudelsky Dr – 19 Docks at the Universities at Shady Grove
  • Broschart Rd & Blackwell Rd – 15 Docks
  • Corporate Blvd & Omega Dr – 15 Docks
  • Medical Center Dr & Key West Ave - 15 Docks at the National Cancer Institute
  • Key West Ave & Siesta Key Way - 15 Docks at Mallory Square
  • Key West Ave & Diamondback Dr – 11 Docks
  • Key West Ave & Great Seneca Hwy – 11 Docks
  • Crabbs Branch Way & Calhoun Pl- 15 Docks
  • Amherst Ave & Prichard Rd – 15 Docks
  • Elkin St & Amherst Ave – 15 Docks
  • Grandview Ave & Blueridge Ave – 15 Docks
  • Wheaton Metro (Georgia Ave & Reedie Dr) – 19 Docks
  • Windham Ln & Amherst Ave – 15 Docks
  • AVA Wheaton – Blueridge Ave & Elkins St – 15 Docks
  • Dennis Ave & Amherst Ave – 15 Docks 
White Flint / Twinbrook
  • Congressional Lane & East Jefferson St – 15 Docks
  • Twinbrook Metro Station (West Side) – 14 Docks
  • Fishers Ln & Rock Creek Mill Rd – 15 Docks
  • Executive Blvd & East Jefferson St – 15 Docks
  • Rockville Pike & Old Georgetown Rd – 15 Docks
  • White Flint Metro Station – 19 Docks
  • Citadel Ave & McGrath Blvd – 15 Docks
  • Woodglen Dr & Executive Blvd – 16 Docks
  • Grand Park Ave & Rose Ave – 15 Docks at Pike & Rose 

What Is It? Bikesharing is short-term bike rental. You pick up a bikeshare bike from any on-street station and drop it off at any other station within the bikeshare network.

Join Up Now!  Montgomery County's bikeshare system will be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Capital Bikeshare system. If you live or work in another area with Capital Bikeshare you can join now and use the same key for County stations as for the ones in D.C., Arlington or Alexandria. So go ahead and join at - you can use those stations now and the new County stations in just a few weeks!

Additional Information:

For more details and maps of where bikeshare stations will be, visit
For general information or to become a member, visit


Montgomery County and Capital Bikeshare want you to be prepared to ride safely.  Bicycle safety training for bikeshare users is being sponsored by the County, with classes offered by the Washington Area Bicycle Association (WABA) and Montgomery College at the Rockville Campus.  Classes are offered at very low cost to the general public (due to County sponsorship), and are free to participants in the County's grant-funded low income bikeshare program.



For riders looking to comfortably and confidently share the road with cars, WABA's City Cycling classes provide useful skills and techniques to tackle whatever the streets dish out.  At each class, students have the option of joining the Intro to City Cycling group or the Confident City Cycling group. Each group learns different bike-handling skills and goes on a unique ride on nearby streets. Students are invited to take the class twice to get the full City Cycling experience!

Costs: The fee is $10; free to MCLiberty program participants.  Advance registration is encouraged.  A limited number of walk-up registrants will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.



Montgomery College's bicycle education and safety course includes bicycle riding fundamentals, pedestrian and motorist traffic navigation strategies, bikeshare system tutorial, and map reading and routing instruction.  Have fun while you learn how to identify lane positions, maintain appropriate balance, and communicate in traffic.

Costs: The 4-hour course is offered Saturdays and Sundays at the Rockville campus, beginning October 19th. The fee is $10 for Maryland residents and $40 for non-residents; free for MCLiberty program participants.  Upcoming class dates and times are shown HERE.


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