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Pre-Release and Re-Entry Services

Pre-Release and Reentry Services

Stefan LoBuglio, Chief
11651 Nebel Street
Rockville, Maryland 20852

Telephone:(240) 773-4200

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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"Freedom through Responsibility"

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The Pre-Release and Reentry Services (PRRS) Division provides residential and non-residential reentry services to convicted and sentenced individuals who are within 12 months of release and who have been incarcerated in the county’s correctional system. Additionally, the Division is contracted by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to serve prisoners in state and federal custody who are within six months of release and who are returning to Montgomery County and the greater Washington Metropolitan area. The program carefully screens and accepts only those individuals that it assesses can be safely managed in a community setting. The Division advances the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation’s mission to improve public safety and reduce victimization, and relies on a considerable body of research that demonstrates the cost-benefit advantages of releasing incarcerated individuals through a highly-structured community-based program.

This nationally-recognized program has served over 17,500 individuals since its founding in the late 1960’s. It requires program participants to work, pay room and board, file state and federal taxes, and address restitution and child support obligations. Each resident works with several staff members including a case manager to develop an individualized reentry plan that addresses their specific criminogenic needs including employment, housing, treatment, and medical services. Whenever possible, family members of residents are encouraged to participate in the development of the plan. Additionally, the program holds residents accountable for their location at all times, and residents only access the community with pre-approval. Through the use of the latest technologies in electronic monitoring, substance abuse testing, and by utilizing mobile teams of staff, residents are held to high standards of conduct and compliance. There is a zero- tolerance policy with regard to engaging in criminal activity, possessing drugs and alcohol, and accessing the community at locations and times that have not been approved. Individuals found in violation of such policies are immediately returned to secure detention. In a given year, the program serves over 700 residents and 80% successfully complete the program.

A smaller number of carefully selected individuals – most of who have first lived and participated successfully in the program at the Center – are allowed to live in their pre-approved and pre-inspected homes. Since 1981, the Pre-Release Center has received national accreditation for its fidelity to performance-based correctional standards by the American Correctional Association. It is a modern correctional complex made up of four separately operated units housing up to 173 male and female residents.

Resident Programs and Services Information 

Employer Information / Work Release (240) 773-4200
Family and Friends Support Program (240) 773-4242
Internship Program (240) 773-4242
Program and Services (240) 773-4242
Screening and Home Confinement (240) 773-4252
Victim Services (240) 773-4262
Volunteers (240) 773-4242
FAQs (240) 773-4200