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Community Use of Public Facilities
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Council Office Building and Executive Office Building

The auditorium, cafeteria, and certain conference rooms in the Council Office Building and Executive Office Building may be used by the public and government agencies holding meetings of a civic, cultural or educational nature.

Facility Amenities

  • The Council Office Building offers a cafeteria, an auditorium, 4 conference rooms and 2 hearing rooms.

  • The Executive Office Building offers a large cafeteria, an auditorium, the lobby, and a conference room.

  • Parking in EOB is restricted. Groups using EOB or COB should use public level of garage next to Council Office Bldg. Important - the only access to public level of garage is from entrance at corner of Monroe Street & Rt 28. Parking is free after 6:00pm.


Room Type
Local Government Agencies
Hourly Rate
Non-Profit Groups *
Hourly Rate
Out-of-County/For-Profit Groups
Hourly Rate
Auditorium (COB)
Auditorium (EOB)
Small Hearing Room (COB)
Large Hearing Room (COB)
- with approval
Lobby (EOB)
$25 + $100 deposit
$35 + $100 deposit
$70 + $100 deposit
Cafeteria (COB)
$21 + $100 deposit
$30 + $100 deposit
$60 + $100 deposit
Cafeteria (EOB)
$28 + $100 deposit
$40 + $100 deposit
$80 + $100 deposit
Cafeteria and Terrace Patio (EOB)
$35 + $100 deposit
$50 + $100 deposit
$100 + $100 deposit
Conference Room (COB & EOB)
Jury Parking Lot
(Rt. 28 & Monroe St.)
Staff Charges
Hourly Rate
Security Staff - required for the following:
  • Groups larger than 100
  • Events serving food
  • Events including youths
  • After 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
Building staff - may apply depending on the event

Activity Restrictions

No alcoholic beverages are permitted on County property. All rooms are to be left in the condition and arrangement in which they are found. Please read the Rules and Regulations in its entirety before submitting an application.

Apply for Use Permit

  • Online Submission - You must be a registered web user and are prepared to pay by credit card.
  • Mail-in Application - If you prefer to pay by check, you may complete a request form, print and mail it to us with your payment.

Submission Window

Agency/Group Type Window 1 for use
Jan 1 - June 30
Window 2 for use
July 1 - Dec 31
Government Agencies Submit beginning October 15th Submit beginning April 15th
Local Non-profit groups * Submit beginning November 15th Submit beginning May 15th
Out-of-County Non-profits
Commercial/For-profit groups
Submit beginning December 1st Submit beginning June 1st

Allow at least 7 business days to process requests.