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Community Use of Public Facilities
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Montgomery County Athletic Fields   

CUPF is the scheduling agency for athletic fields operated by Montgomery Parks, Montgomery County Public Schools and Montgomery County Recreation Department.

County fields may be reserved on the half-hour. On days when County schools are in session, elementary school fields maybe reserved beginning at 3:30pm; middle school fields at 5:30 pm.

Field time is assigned to leagues and organizations prior to processing permit requests from individuals and team representatives. Contact your organization directly with any practice or game field needs before submitting a permit request to CUPF.


Click here to see a list of current fees.

Policies and Procedures

  • For use of a high school natural grass field, contact the school directly, as CUPF may issue a permit ONLY on approval by the school’s administrative staff.
  • Contact CUPF at 240-777-2711 regarding the use of artificial turf fields at Montgomery Blair High School, Walter Johnson High School, Richard Montgomery High School, Thomas S. Wootton High School, and Fairland Recreational Park.
  • Scoreboard use is not included; additional fees apply for restrooms access and staffing.
  • Please review the Field Use Guidelines and Field Use Agreement in their entirety before submitting an application.

Apply for Permit

Permit requests to reserve elementary/middle school and local/neighborhood park fields may be submitted online for applicants planning to pay via MasterCard or Visa. If you have not previously registered with CUPF, please enroll now. If you prefer to pay by check, or, if you wish to reserve regional/recreational park fields (game use only), you must complete and return one of the following forms to CUPF:

Permitting Seasons (leagues/organizations click here)

Field Type
Application Dates
- Elementary/Middle School Fields
- Local/Neighborhood Park Fields
- MCRD Fields
Spring/Summer: March 15 - August 15
Beginning February 1
Fall: August 16 - November 30
Beginning July 1
- Regional/Recreational Park Fields   (game use only)
Spring/Summer: April 1 - August 15
Beginning December 16
Fall: September 1 - November 30
Beginning May 16
Note: For fields at schools, local parks, and neighborhood parks, no preference will be given in scheduling game use requests prior to practice use requests, except at restricted fields. Recreational and Regional Park fields may be reserved for game use only.

Inclement Weather Policy

Athletic fields will be closed during periods of inclement weather in accordance with local and regional park closures.  Contact the M-NCPPC/CUPF inclement weather line at 301-765-8787 to determine if your field is open or closed. Click here for information about which region your field is assigned.

All refund requests for field time cancelled due to inclement weather must be submitted in a sortable spreadsheet form as follows:

Scheduled Field Time
Submission Dates
March 15 - June 30
July 1 - 15
July 1 - November 30
December 1 - 15