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MCDOT logoWMATA's SafeTrack and Montgomery County

Metro doing track work

What is Metro SafeTrack?

SafeTrack is the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) year-long effort -- from June 2016 through March 2017 -- to improve the safety and reliability of the Metrorail system. 

How will SafeTrack Affect Me?

Every traveler in our region will be affected by SafeTrack – so we’re all in this together. That’s why transportation agencies are working together to promote alternatives to using Metrorail.

In Montgomery County, three planned line segment repairs and around-the-clock single tracking projects, referred to as “Safety Surges,” will affect our Metrorail Red Line service August 1-7, August 9-18, and October 29 – November 22

WMATA Safety Surges in Montgomery County

August 1-7

Takoma to Silver Spring

Continuous Single Tracking

metro red line track work Aug 1-7

August 9-21

Shady Grove to Twinbrook

Continuous Single Tracking 

Metro track work Aug 9-18

Oct 29-Nov 22

Fort Totten to NoMa

Line segment shutdown

Metro Red Line track work Oct 10-Nov1

Red Line trains will continuously single track between Takoma and Silver Spring from August 1 through August 7, 2016 --resulting in major disruptions throughout the entire Red Line. Expect service reductions by:

  • One-half between Glenmont and Silver Spring; 

  • Three-quarters between Silver Spring and NoMa; and 

  • One-quarter between NoMa and Grosvenor-Strathmore.

​This Surge affects the second highest number of passengers of all WMATA surges.

Anticipate significant Metrorail delays that could add an hour each way to commutes

Red Line passengers are urged to seek alternate transportation, telework, ride at off-peak hours or consider using the Green/Yellow Line as an alternative. 

Red Line trains will continuously single track between Shady Grove and Twinbrook from August 9 through August 18, 2016.  Only one-third of the regular service will be available during peak hours (18 minutes between trains).

  • West side Red Line passengers are encouraged to avoid Shady Grove and Rockville stations, if possible.

  • Seek alternate transportation; telework or ride at off-peak hours
  • WMATA will completely shut down the Red Line segment between Shady Grove and Grosvenor-Strathmore during the weekend of August 13-14, providing free shuttle buses to replace the trains.

Red Line rail service will not operate between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet stations during this surge. Two stations–Brookland-CUA and Rhode Island Avenue–will be closed.

  • There will be NO Red Line service between Fort Totten and NoMa.
  • Metro shuttle buses will replace trains between NoMa and Fort Totten.
  • Red Line trains will run in two segments -- Shady Grove to NoMa-Gallaudet U every six minutes and Glenmont to Fort Totten every ten minutes.
  • Ride On will run free shuttle buses between the Silver Spring, Takoma and Fort Totten Metrorail stations during extended rush hours.
  • The Green/Yellow Line provides a good alternative between Fort Totten and Gallery Place.
  • Other alternatives include the MARC train; additional Metrobuses along key north-south routes; and Park and Ride lots at Green/Yellow Line Metrorail stations.
  • For those riding other sections of the Red Line, there will be fewer trains arriving less often.
  • Overall, Red Line customers are urged to consider telecommuting, off-peak travel, bus, MARC and other alternatives. Commuters should expect trains to be extremely crowded.


What is Montgomery County Doing to Help Travelers?

See below for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s plans to supplement WMATA’s efforts to assist travelers during SafeTrack.  See our Surge #10 Press Release for more information.

What Are My Options?

View Full Surge Schedule

*Beginning June 8 the Metro will close every night at 12 am, including weekends

Stay in the Loop

Here’s some mobile applications (apps) and websites that offer other transportation alternatives: 

Split ride sharing logoSplit

Split is a ride-sharing app designed for people who want to share rides with others going in the same direction. 

For more information visit Split’s website at:

Uber logoUber

Uber is a ride-hailing app that notifies drivers in an area of your location. Fares are set based on demand. Within the D.C. area, UberPOOL allows users to split rides.

For more information visit Uber’s website at:

Lyft logoLyft

Lyft is another ride-hailing app that notifies drivers in an area of your location. Fares are set based on demand. Lyft is offering steep discounts during peak commuting hours within the D.C. area on its Lyft Line, which allows users to split rides. 

For more information visit Lyft’s website at:

Waze logoWaze

Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that allows drivers to share real-time information on traffic conditions. 

For more information visit Waze at:

Ride On logoRide On Real Time

The Ride On Real Time app provides riders with real time information about the location of Ride On buses.

For more information visit:

DC Metro Hero logoDC Metro Hero

DC Metro Hero provides real time information about Metrorail service. 

Find out more about DC Metro Hero at:

Regional Partnerships

Director's Office · Montgomery County Department of Transportation · 240-777-7170 · Fax: 240-777-7178 · 101 Monroe Street · 10th Floor · Rockville, Maryland 20850 ·
For any MCDOT service requests, call 311. Outside the county, call 240-777-0311 or submit via the website.   For website issues, broken links or comments, please email us(does not handle service requests).
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