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Board Of Appeals

Board of Appeals - 2013 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
02/12/2013 Petition of Carol E. Flynn A-6400
01/18/2013 Petition of Jonathan Katz and Terrie Moreland S-2847
01/18/2013 Petition of Carol A. Crawford S-2849
02/01/2013 Petition of G. Ethan Taylor and Michael D. Cavey S-2855
02/14/2013 Petition of Ampai Redding S-2827
03/01/2013 Petition of Jan Paul A. Kopinski S-2852
03/01/13 Petition of Emilios Dimitriadis S-2853
03/01/2013 Petition of Jose R. Reyes S-2856
04/19/2013 Petition of Carol E. Flynn S-2838
4/25/13 Petition of Ella Lichtenberg S-2862
4/26/13 Petition of Matthew Oakes S-2864
5/13/13 Petition of Edward A. Bubert S-2860
5/16/13 Petition of Gabriela Romo and David Louis Antonioli S-2848
5/17/13 Petition of Someswara Bekkam S-2842
5/17/13 Petition of Daniel Sheehan S-2867
5/31/13 Petition of Monika Mahabere and Layhill Learning Center S-2857
06/24/13 Petition of James N. Plamondon A-6406
7/18/13 Petition of Society of American Foresters S-257-A
7/25/13 Petition of James Leeper A-6411
8/25/13 Petition of Joshua Castleman, Lois N. Weinberg and Rajini Joshi A-6410
9/5/13 Petition of Thomas Jackson A-6413
9/20/13 Petition of Andrew L. Yarrow A-6414
10/3/13 Petition of Carol Hankin A-6408
10/4/13 Petition of Paws and Claws Animal Hospital S-2871
10/21/13 Petition of Julio Gonzalez Del Solar A-6412
10/21/13 Petition of Gregory M. Bordynowski A-6417
10/29/13 Petition Nancy Demb A-6419
12/6/13 Petition of American National Red Cross A-6420
12/20/13 Petition of 7025 MacArthur, LLC A-6418

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