Business Counts in the 2020 Census

It is critical to businesses that the 2020 Census collect complete and accurate information about our communities. Businesses use census data to make informed decisions about markets, locations, customers and competition. Census data is valuable for businesses as they start, as they grow and as they look for opportunities to expand.

Learn more about the Census Bureau’s Tools to Grow your Business.

Here are some ideas for how businesses might be engaged with Census 2020:

  • Participate in “Take a Break, Take the Census” - Allow employees to complete their questionnaires at work and provide computer equipment such as tablets in a private common area to respond confidentially.
  • Consider having leadership wear census stickers and/or t-shirts beginning at the end of March through early April. Employees seeing that management is committed and visible about the census will have a positive impact on everyone in the organization.  
  • Display posters, flyers and information about the 2020 Census in stores, staff offices, schools, parades, festivals and other community events. Include messages promoting the census on customer receipts and in utility bills, credit card bills and emails to customers.
  • Encourage employees to complete their census questionnaires at employee meetings and through inserts in company pay stubs, flyers in break rooms, and general company communications.
  • Run promotional messages (possibly in multiple languages) in weekly store circulars or other customer publications.  
  • Participate in Census Awareness Weekend March 27 – March 29 - Sign up to be a partner and Host Census Awareness Events at your business. Census Ambassadors can come to your business to provide 2020 Census information and resources. 

Take the Pledge and

Encourage Your Employees to Take the Pledge