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Make Connections

One way to grow your business is to make connections in the broader community. There are many opportunities in Montgomery County to engage with a business membership organization or community service group. 

Business Development Through Engagement

Montgomery County Ecomonic Development Council

Montomery County Economic Development Corporation

Step #1 for connecting with the local business community

The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation will help you
make connections with other business and community leaders

There tremendous opportunties to connect and grow your business in Montgomery County from a diverse selection of  Business Membership Organizations and Business Resource Organizations that offer networking and educational events where you can make connections and build relationships. Explore the groups and resources to determine what would add the most value for your business. 

Another way to expand your network is to get involved with groups that are giving back to the community. Being engaged in this manner can not only provide connections with other business leaders, but also can positively impact employee engagement and teambuilding. There are many paths to find the best opportunity for your business: