Kimberly Place
Focused Neighborhood Assistance Project​

This project included replacing deteriorated, hazardous balconies and correcting community storm water drainage issues at this CDBG income eligible 174-unit condominium community located in Silver Spring near Bel Pre and Layhill Roads. 

Neighborhood Revitalization staff worked with income-eligible homeowners to complete balcony replacements. 

Deteriorated, removed and/or blocked balconies

Two of the completed new balconies

​Balcony replacement funding resources: 

CDBG and DHCD Community Legacy Grant funding to cover the $18,000 - $22,000 average balcony replacement cost, depending on size.

The second major project Neighborhood Revitalzation staff assisted the Kimberly Place community with is addressing significant underground and surface water drainage issues that have led to several large areas of standing surface water, water seepage into basements and, as a result, failing basement foundations.

Storm water drainage issues at Kimberly Place

​Drainage mitigation work underway at Kimberly Place

Funding resources:
CDBG - $820,000
Kimberly Place Condominium Association - $120,000