Focused Neighborhood Assistance Project

While the McKendree neighborhood is located in Montgomery Village, it is one of seven neighborhoods whose community services are not provided by the Montgomery Village Foundation, Inc. Instead, it is part of the Northgate Homes HOA and community services are provided by a contract between ComSource Management, Inc., and Northgate Homes HOA. This project focused on drainage improvements and installation of new LED lighting and low maintenance landscaping in the community courtyards for both the McKendree I and McKendree II neighborhoods.

before picture of courtyard
after picture of courtyard

Completed in mid-2018, Neighborhood Revitalization helped: 

  • Correct drainage issues within the courtyards
  • Improve lighting within courtyard and parking areas
  • Support sustainablity with installaion of low maintenance plants and shrubs
  • Improve connectivity and safety within the community by adding entrance sidewalks

​​before picture of house 2    after picture of house 2
                      Before                                                             After   

CDBG funding of $640,000 allowed Neighborhood Revitalization staff to assist 212 McKendree households.