Summary of Tenant Responsibilities

The Tenant is responsible for:

  • Obtaining prior written approval from the landlord before keeping any pets on the premises;
  • Maintaining the property in a clean, safe and sanitary condition;
  • Using the property for orderly and lawful purposes by yourself, authorized occupants and guests;
  • Reporting any problems requiring repair or replacement to the landlord in a timely manner, and paying any costs incurred due to abuse or negligence by you, other authorized occupants or guests;
  • If you are renting in a common ownership community, complying with all rules, regulations and notices of the common ownership community. Landlord must furnish a copy of these rules at move-in;
  • Obtaining the landlord’s prior written approval before subletting the property;
  • Requesting to be present during a move-in or move-out inspection; and
  • Removing all of your personal property at move-out, leaving the property in broom-clean condition, ordinary wear and tear accepted, and returning all keys.