Organization & Staff
Division of Finance and Administration​

The Division of Finance and Administration provides financial oversight and administrative guidance to the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, including the annual preparation of the operating and capital budget, fiscal planning, asset management, grant and contract administration, housing licensing and registration, human resources and training, and development and management of information technology.

Office of the Division Chief

The Finance and Administration Chief’s Office provides management, oversight, and leadership in fiscal and resource planning for DHCA; monitors program expenses and performance measures; administers operational procedures and protocols; coordinates with other County agencies to provide fiscal impact analysis on State and County legislations; and collaborates with DHCA’s senior leadership to plan and develop policies and strategies that support the Department’s mission and goals.


Pofen Salem, Manager II
(240) 777-3728
Supervisor: Aseem Nigam

Yihui Brown, Management and Budget Specialist III
(240) 777-3602
Supervisor: Pofen Salem

Adela Kline, Administrative Specialist III
(240) 777-3708​
Supervisor: Pofen Salem

Asset Management

Asset Management actively monitors the Department’s $300 million in housing loans from local and federal funding sources, leveraging $1.5 billion in affordable real estate. Assets also ensures compliance guidelines are followed for all affordable housing units supported by federal funds under the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) as well as under local Housing Initiative Fund (HIF) loans, rental agreements, and Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT).


Catherine "Cathy" Mahmud, Manager III
(240) 777-3669​
Supervisor: Pofen Salem

Sichao Bai, Program Manager II
(240) 777-3623
Supervisor: Catherine "Cathy" Mahmud

Joyce Wallace-DennisProgram Manager II
(240) 777-3630
Supervisor: Catherine "Cathy" Mahmud

Tara WhickerProgram Manager II
(240) 777-3603
Supervisor: Catherine "Cathy" Mahmud


Grants Administration

Grants Administration handles over $7 million in annual federal grants received by the County from the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), and the Emergency Solutions Grant Program (ESG). These annual allocations, along with any special federal appropriations, are earmarked to provide housing assistance and public services for low- and moderate-income residents. In addition, Grants administers almost $3 million in County-funded grants to non-profit organizations serving Montgomery County.


Catherine "Cathy" Mahmud, Section Chief
(240) 777-3669
Supervisor: Pofen Salem

Katherine Canales, Senior Planning Specialist
(240) 777-3631
Supervisor: Catherine "Cathy" Mahmud

Trivens Kargbo, MS, MBA, Senior Planning Specialist
(240) 777-3794
Supervisor: Catherine "Cathy" Mahmud

Licensing and Registration


Tiffany Johnson, Program Manager II
(240) 777-3606
Supervisor: Pofen Salem

Clifton Bouma, Program Specialist II
(240) 777-3617
Supervisor: Tiffany Johnson

Kenneth Eversleigh, Office Services Coordinator
(240) 777-3687
Supervisor: Tiffany Johnson

Ikirya Lane, Contractor
(240) 777-3744
Supervisor: Tiffany Johnson

Sheila Price, Program Specialist II
(240) 777-3729
Supervisor: Tiffany Johnson

Danielle Washington, Contractor
(240) 777-3641

Supervisor: Tiffany Johnson

Management Services


Melissa Nolin, I.T. Supervisor
(240) 777-3648
Supervisor: Pofen Salem

Jacob Esterque, I.T. Technician III
(240) 777-3610
Supervisor: Melissa Nolin

Swetha Kathuroju, I.T. Specialist I
(240) 777-3795
Supervisor: Melissa Nolin

Xiaoyu “Jade” Yan, Administrative Specialist III
(240) 777-3665
Supervisor: Pofen Salem