Landlord-Tenant Handbook



The Landlord-Tenant Handbook is an excellent guide to the basic rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. It explains the laws regarding the Landlord-Tenant relationship and highlights recent changes to the law that directly affect the Landlord-Tenant relationship.

The landlord must offer each tenant a hard copy of the Landlord-Tenant Handbook at the commencement of the tenancy or the signing of a lease. If the tenant does not want a hard copy, the landlord can have the tenant initial a statement declining a hardcopy and accepting referral the Handbook online. We suggest that landlords and tenants always keep a copy for reference.

The link below offers the choice of viewing the handbook in Chinese, English, French, Korean, Spanish or Vietnamese. Simply click on the language of your choice to view the Landlord-Tenant Handbook.

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*DISCLAIMER: Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this handbook. However, if there are any inconsistencies between the handbook and applicable law or regulation, the law and/or regulation is controlling. The information contained in this handbook does not constitute legal advice. It is intended to serve only as general information.