Obtaining a Resale Price for Your MPDU

Owners of MPDUs are required to request a current MPDU resale price for many reasons.  Among these reasons are:

  • If the owner wants to refinance their existing mortgage, or to take out a second mortgage
  • If the owner wants to take out a home equity loan
  • If the owner wants to sell the MPDU while the MPDU is still under the control period

IMPORTANT  If you are seeking the current value of your MPDU to refinance or obtain a home equity loan, or for other reasons, please note this in your correspondence.  Before you refinance, you must read this important information.  Your refinance, home equity or any other type of loan involving your house cannot exceed the value placed on it by the MPDU office.

Information on how the resale price is calculated may be found here.

Obtaining a Resale Price

If you currently own an MPDU and would like a resale price, you may write the MPDU office or send an e-mail to MPDU Resales  Please print out the resale price request form and include the following information with your request:

  • your name
  • the address of the MPDU
  • daytime phone number
  • an itemized list of any capital improvements you have made to your home (please send receipts to document each improvement you have done)

In addition, please send us copies of the permits obtained for capital improvements (that is, the building, electrical, plumbing permits, etc.).

If you are requesting a resale price for the purpose of re-selling your MPDU to another program participant, it is also helpful if you provide a photo of the exterior of your house so that we can post it on our website and in our resale log book.

By law, the MPDU office has twenty-one days to respond to your request; however, we will make every effort to honor your request within ten days of receipt.