MPDU and Other DHCA Rental Program Recertifications

Property managers of rental buildings with MPDUs, Workforce Housing Units and Productivity Housing Units will not be required to recertify existing tenants in these programs until the Governor lifts the State of Emergency, and will be able to extend the leases of current tenants for one year.

All recertifications that fall during this timeframe may be renewed for the year and the tenant does not need to recertify until the following year’s recertification.

Recertifications that are in progress may be completed. However, if the tenant is found to be over income, the tenant may renew their lease for up to a full year. If the recertification was completed before the suspension took effect, the tenant may still be allowed to renew their lease for a year if they are unable to move to another residence.

Properties may apply the 1.4% increase permitted under the 2021 Voluntary Rent Guideline to tenants of MPDU, Workforce Housing and Productivity Housing Units in their complexes whose leases are being renewed during the suspension of recertification requirements.

This action only applies to the Montgomery County Government’s MPDU, Workforce Housing, and Productivity Housing Programs.

The phone number for the City of Rockville's MPDU program is (240) 314-8200. The phone number for the City of Gaithersburg's MPDU program is (301) 258-6310.