MPDU Application Tutorial and Application Portal

The Application Tutorial (formerly the Application Session) is a self-administered online training that includes tests that you must pass with a score of 80% or better. You will be able to review the tutorial and re-take the tests as many times as you wish.

Applicants will not be able to take the Application Tutorial until they have attended the first two required MPDU classes, the First Time Homebuyer class and the MPDU Orientation Seminar. You will be required to validate any classes taken and then you will receive instructions to create a user account. The MPDU classes are valid for two years, if any or all the classes have expired, you must re-take them.

Applicant: Below is the “must have” list of documents and samples of what is acceptable to the MPDU Purchase Program. Do not start the application process if you don’t have all the required documents .

MPDU Application Checklist:  

  • Government issued Identification such as driver’s license, state ID, or passport for primary applicants.
  • First Time Homebuyer Certificate issued within the past two years. (See sample).
  • Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter with a pre-qualified amount of no less than $150,000 and issued within the last three months. (See sample).
  • Federal Tax Return:

    The most recently filed Federal Income Tax return(s) (Forms 1040 and W-2) for every wage earner or IRS letter certifying no tax return was filed. The preferred format for submitting a tax return document is PDF. However, if you are taking a picture; must upload page 1 and Page 2 (page with the signature of the tax filer and or tax preparer) of your Federal Tax Return and each W-2 form. (See sample).

    • Self-prepared taxes are not acceptable. Obtain a Tax Return Transcript and all other tax-related transcripts at no cost from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at or call 800-908-9946. (See sample).
    • If you are a self-employee and filled out a 1040 with form (s) 1099 Miscellaneous, 1099 NEC or a Scheduled C- Profit or Loss, (see samples) of the document pages that must be provided.
  • Proof of Income:

    Two (2) most recent pay stubs, or four (4) if paid weekly for every wage earner in the household and from each current employer. (see samples).

    • If unable to provide pay stubs because you have new employment or current employer does not supply with pay stubs, please print a Verification of Income form (PDF). Bank statements are not acceptable.
    • If self-employed, a notarized Year-To-Date summary of income and expenses (this statement must be from current year starting from January to present) and Schedule C from your federal income tax return. (see samples).
    • If retired, proof of pension income and/or social security income. (see samples).
    • Proof of all other sources of income such as Social Security Income (SSI), Child support or Alimony. Provide statements from the agency issuing this income. Bank statements are not acceptable.
  • Proof of Residence: If your current taxes do not show your current address, provide copy of any two of the following: current rental lease, utility bill, and or driver’s license showing new address.

Other documents for special situations:

  • Divorce or separation agreements (if applicable or if the most recent tax return was filed as “married”).
  • If you have a newborn child who was not listed on your recent tax return, provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • If you have an adult child or relative such a parent that you are claiming on your taxes as your dependent, you must provide a Verification of Non-Filing Taxes (Form 4506-T) for each listed dependent. Obtain this form and all other tax-related transcripts at no cost from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at or call 800-908-9946. (see samples).

Please click on the blue banner at the bottom of this page to self-validate your MPDU classes ‘attendance. You will need your Orientation ID and must use the same name and email that you used to sign up for the First Time Homebuyer class and the Orientation Seminar.

After validation you will receive instructions to create an online account for Montgomery County’s secure MPDU Application Portal, where you will be able to take the Application Tutorial and submit your application.

The processing time for approving an application is 30 days, some applications will take longer if the application is not complete. When you submit your application, you will receive an email with an estimate of the processing time for your application. We will make every effort to review your application in a timely manner. Please make sure that your application is complete and be aware of any communications from our office. It is important that you check your spam or junk email periodically.