DHHS Contract Management Team

Information for currently available DHHS Open and Informal Solicitations will be posted here as they become available. Current Invitation for Bids and Request for Proposals can be accessed at the Office of Procurement's Web site.

Current Open Solicitations

Click on the solicitation number for the rate sheet (where applicable) and the solicitation name for the solicitation packet. Those without a separate rate sheet have the rates included in the packet.

Please view this tutorial on how to complete Open Solicitation applications and forms.

Solicitation number Solicitation name
1002038 Clinical Lab Services (existing vendors only/new vendors see 1164886)
1014084 Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (existing vendor only/new vendors see 1151555)
1014729 Outpatient Mental Health Services
1016152 Nursing Home Placements for Adults
1025866 Medical and Dental Specialty Services for Public Health Clients
1027387 Oral Health Services
1035882 Early Childhood Consultants
1073105 Hotel/Motel and Overflow Shelter Accommodation for Health and Human Services Households
1074957 Service Coordination for Housing Initiative Program
1075640 Child Welfare Services Outpatient Behavioral Health and Supportive Services for Children, Adolescents, and Families
1082410 Weekend and Holiday Child and Adult Protective Services
1083609 Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers Program
1084382 Individualized Supportive Services for Children, and Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
1096256 Emergency Family Shelter Accommodations for Health and Human Services Households
1112323 Escorted Transportation Services for Elderly and Disabled Residents
1114856 Maternity Partnership Program
1114919 Intensive Outpatient and/or Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Services
1124815 Heavy Duty Residential Cleaning Services for Seniors and Disabled Adults
1129036 Operation of Full-Service Home-Delivered Meals Program
1134870 Psychiatric Support Services
1137676 Providers of Meals to Seniors in Adult Day Care
1138600 Routines-Based Interviewer Coaches Trainer for Infants and Toddlers Program Staff
1139405 Providers of Culturally Appropriate Meals for Seniors
1151555 Pre-Admisssion Screening and Resident Review
1156533 Restaurant and Caterer Meal Program
1159741 Behavioral Health Services with Language and/or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interpretation
1160876 Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programming
1164886 Clinical Lab Services
0645170106 Escorted Transportation Services for Elderly and Disabled Adults (existing vendors only/new vendors see 1112323)
1168152 Individualized Supportive Services for Children and Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Current Informal Solicitations

Other Business Opportunities


Fee for Service Reimbursement Model - Basic Compensation Rate Sheet

(For County referred clients who do not meet Public Behavioral Health System Eligibility Requirements.)

Contract number Contract name Rate sheet
1071896 Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc. Rate sheet for Contract 1071896 (PDF)
1097446 Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc. Rate sheet for Contract 1097446 (PDF)
1127721 Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc. Rate sheet for Contract 1127721 (PDF)
1046374B Potomac Healthcare Foundation, Ltd. Rate sheet for Contract 1046374B (PDF)