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DHHS Contract Management Team

Current Solicitations

Click on the solicitation number for the rate sheet (where applicable) and the solicitation name for the solicitation packet.  Those without a separate rate sheet have the rates included in the packet.

Information for DHHS Solicitations will be posted as it becomes available.

Clinical Lab Services
Respite Care Services (Existing vendors only)
Counseling Services for Domestic Violence Offenders
Home Delivered Meals
Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services
Foster and Adoptive Home Studies
Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review
Outpatient Mental Health Services
Meetings Facilitators for Integrated Care Initiatives
Nursing Home Placements for Adults
Maternity Partnership Program
Weekend and Holiday Child and Adult Protective Services (Existing vendors only)
Intensive ASD Home and Community Teaching
Medical and Dental Specialty Services for Public Health Clients
Oral Health Services
Early Childhood Consultants
Psychiatric Services
Grant Writer Services
Clinical Laboratory Services for Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
Delivery of Meals to Seniors in Adult Day Care
Nutrition Service Providers
Level III.5 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program
Hotel/Motel and Overflow Shelter Accommodation for Health and Human Services Households
Evidence-Based Health Promotion Program
Service Coordination for Housing Initiative Program
Child Welfare Services Outpatient Behavioral Health and Supportive Services for Children, Adolescents, and Families
Weekend and Holiday Child and Adult Protective Services​
Delivery of Meals to Homebound Clients​
Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers Program
Individualized Supportive Services for Children, and Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
Emergency Family Shelter Accommodations for Health and Human Services Households
Vulnerable Family Strengthening Program
Escorted Transportation Services for Elderly and Disabled Adults
Women's Cancer Control Program
 Level III.5 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program AND/OR
Level II Intensive Substance Abuse Treatment Program with a Residential Component

Meals for Seniors in Non-Profit Adult Day Care Programs
Level IV.D Medically Managed Detoxification for Acute Alcohol and Other Drug Withdrawal 
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