Asian child eating healthy meal


Montgomery County Bill No. 1-22, Eating and Drinking Establishments-Healthy Meals for Children requires that, beginning March 15, 2023,  a food service facility which offers a children's meal with a beverage for sale must include a healthy beverage as the default beverage option.  Beginning September 15, 2023, a food servie facility which offers a chidren's meal for sale must offer at least one healthy children's meal.  
A children's meal means a combination of food items, with or without a beverage, that a food service facility:

  • offers for sale as a unit; and 
  • includes on its children's menu, or otherwise offers for consumption primarily by children.

The bill does not prohibit the choice of the customer.  Food service facilities may continue to sell meals not considered a healthy children's meal or sell food or beverages which are not healthy options.  The bill requires that if a food service facility offers children's meals, at least one of them must be a healthy children's meal.

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