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Look Ahead - Week of January 20 to January 26, 2019

Executive Summary

The project remains on-schedule for a May 27, 2020 substantial completion.



First Floor


Second Floor

The last concrete pour is scheduled to take place on Monday 1/07.

Third Floor

Forming and placing reinforcing for the third floor is well underway. Progress was halted due to high-winds on 1/10 (See photo) and will be slowed this week due to a snow-covered site.

Third Floor

Photo showing second-floor (foreground) and third-floor (background)

Column Construction

Column construction is underway between the 3rd and 4th floors. (See photo)

Column Construction

Photo showing column pour between the second and third floors

Utility Construction

Pepco relocations are complete with exception of pole removal that will follow removal of the overhead Verizon lines.

Verizon Underground Work

Installation of the underground duct bank in Triangle Lane started on January 7, 2019, and progressed nicely during the week. The work was performed at night, as planned, with little to no impact on local businesses. Work was halted on Sunday night 1/13 due to heavy snow and will not resume until road conditions improve later this week.

See Chart below for Verizon schedule.

Verizon schedule

Town Plaza

Work on the Town Plaza, located south of Reedie Drive, has started. The contractor has pursued demolition of existing concrete, installation of silt fence, and is ready to commence rough grading. This work will continue in-earnest as soon as the snow clears.

The Town Plaza will include an amphitheater, stage, elevated walkways to Georgia Ave and to the WMATA Tower, as well as Art. Future reports will detail construction updates.

All work associated with the Town Plaza is scheduled to be complete by May 2020, at building opening.

Follow Project Progress via the Project Camera

A camera has been installed to view construction on the site. Click here to access the camera.

Upcoming and Ongoing Activities:

  • Commence construction of third-floor
  • Commence construction of fourth-floor, weather permitting
  • Town Plaza (South of Reedie Drive)
    • Demolition of Concrete
    • Excavation and haul-off
    • Rough grading
  • Utility construction (NIGHT WORK) in Triangle Lane will continue, weather permitting
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