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Look Ahead – Week of May 31 to June 6, 2020

Overall Project Status

Paving of Reedie Drive and Triangle Lane was completed on Sunday night, May 31. Striping is setup for Wednesday, June 3. Grandview Ave and Ennalls Ave will be paved Monday night, June 1.

The project is holding steady at 98+-percent complete. The impacts of COVID-19 have led to a revised Substantial Completion of mid-to-late June. This past week showed a decrease in confirmed COVID-19 on the site. This is good news indeed! The contractor will continue its diligent efforts to enforce all CDC guidelines as well as continue with the additional incremental measures noted below.

In spite of a good week, last week, several subcontractors previously hit hard with confirmed COVID remain to rebound. This includes Perlelectric (electrician), CJ Coakley (drywall), Sparkle Painting, and Kensington Glass, an interior glazing contractor. As noted in the last update, Clark Construction has brought on additional contractual resources to assist in the project closeout.

Because of the above, the anticipated Substantial Completion Date remains somewhat fluid. A current Punch-Out schedule shows all punch out work targeted to be completed by June 18 for work covered under the Turnkey Contract. This translates to a likely Substantial Completion in mid-to-late June. Installation of IT and Security are lagging behind by this date several weeks.

COVID-19 Precautions

Clark Construction, (builder), Stonebridge Carras, (Developer), and O’Connell & Lawrence, Inc., the County’s project management team, have been working to assure a safe and virus-free workplace. However, in spite of best efforts, and largely outside the control of the workplace, the number of reported, confirmed, COVID-19 infections affecting the workforce has reached 30.

Incremental COVID -19 precautions:

  1. Clark requires its workforce and that of its subcontractors to remain in full compliance with CDC guidelines including social distancing, communication and reporting of proximity to the virus including family members, friend, and coworkers.
  2. Gloves are a PPE requirement in addition to eye protection, hard hats, vests, and work boots.
  3. Clark positioned 12- handwashing stations at outside porta potties and at elevator lobbies for convenient and frequent hand washing.
  4. Clark is monitoring and managing the total daily number of personnel on the jobsite to ensure social distancing is not comprised by personnel numbers alone.
  5. Clark hired FTE (fulltime personnel) to monitor social distancing, check on all handwashing supplies to ensure adequate soap and paper towels, and to carefully monitor onsite personnel for appearance of sickness. Additionally, this FTE is a first-line of communication between employees on the jobsite and Project admin staff.
  6. Clark instituted a policy that the building will be open Monday – Thursday and closed Friday through Sunday, a period of three (3) days, to minimize a virus survival.
  7. Clark has mandated, that beginning Monday, April 13, all personnel MUST wear facial covering.
  8. Beginning Monday, April 13, jobsite personnel will be questioned by Foreman as to whether family members are sick, if the employee is showing any signs of COVID, any recent travel including family members, any family member with fevers or other signs of COVID.
  9. The building HVAC system, although not fully operational at this time, is programmed to bring-in outside air.
  10. Clark developed a communication protocol that notifies all Key personnel if/when a COVID proximity is noted. At which time, an IMMEDIATE investigation launches.
  11. Protocols for social tracing and quarantine are followed.
  12. Clark, Stonebridge, O’Connell & Lawrence, and DOT are at the heart of the communication network.
  13. Clark Construction added a second fulltime COVID-19 monitor to further enhance CDC guidelines by observing face masks and social distancing.
  14. Clark now requires two points of entry to the project and questions each member of the workforce with three fundamental questions concerning employee exposure, recent activities, and current symptoms, if any.
  15. Added a fulltime cleaning staff.

Reedie Drive - Paved on 5/31/2020.

Grandview Avenue – Scheduled to be paved on 6/01/2020, at night.

Intersection of Grandview Ave and Reedie Drive - Scheduled to be paved on 6/01/2020, at night.

Triangle Lane – Triangle Lane was paved on 5/31/2020, at night. Pavement Markings (striping) – Striping will take place on Wednesday 6/03.

Office Building Status
Interior Construction
  • Interior construction is wrapping up.
  • Punch list has been developed on floors 3 through 14.
  • First floor lobby area completing.
  • Second floor interior completing.
  • Punch list work and all interior finishes will continue into early-June.
  • The interior of the building will be punched-out by June 18.
Major Building Systems
  • Major building systems commissioning complete.
  • In all, roughly 350 mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are commissioned.
  • Installation and programming of the fire alarm system is completed and being tested.
  • Final inspections and permit closeout (>25-permits) underway and coordinated with DPS.
  • In all, eight (8) elevators will be active in the building.
  • There are six (6) elevators in the main lobby and two (2) elevators to serve the four-story underground garage.
  • Overall, elevator installation is >99-percent complete.
  • Elevator inspections are underway.
  • Systems furniture (workstations) installation is complete.
  • In all, 800-workstations will be installed to support the workforce.
  • Conference room furniture and training room furniture due over the next several weeks.

Move- in dates are being re-evaluated and will likely be revised based upon the resumption of Return to Work (RTW) policies for both Montgomery County and MNCPPC personnel.

The building tenants include:

  • Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC)
  • Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (MCDPS)
  • Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (MCDEP)
  • Mid-County Regional Services Center - Wheaton Urban District
  • Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF)
  • Montgomery County Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Montgomery County Department of Recreation (REC)
Building IT System
  • Installation of a Passive Optical Network (PON) is underway
  • The eighth-floor Data Center is fully commissioned and awaiting racks.
Security System
  • Installation of the building Security System is underway
Town Square
  • Construction of the Town Square is Substantially Complete. (see photo)