Annual Farm Tour & Harvest Sale and Other Self Driving Farm/Ag Reserve Tours


July 27th and 28th - Check out the ENGLISH BROCHURE or SPANISH BROCHURE for details!

Click on the farm images below for details about the 24 participating farms!

You can also explore the County's Ag Reserve and/or Farms anytime by checking out the 3 self-driving tours found below this map!

Did you know that 2019 marked the 30th Anniversary of the Farm Tour & Harvest Sale? 

Check out these 3 self driving tours and hope you take this opportunity to to get out, explore the ag reserve and enjoy a farm experience. 


The Grape & Grain Tours are two separate self-driving tours into the wonderful Agricultural Reserve. You can choose to visit three farm wineries, four breweries, or easily combine both into a comprehensive tour of the Ag Reserve's craft beverage industry. Each venue has its own distinct qualities and all offer relaxing outdoor family friendly atmospheres while also adhering to safety and social distancing protocols. Food and/or music may also be available onsite. 
Please visit the website for each farm you are planning to visit for all details and to make reservations, where necessary!


Have you ever challenged yourself to create a meal made entirely from ingredients grown in Montgomery County?  The abundance and diversity of our farms makes this a realistic goal and a perfect introduction to farm markets in our community.  Fresh, healthy and delicious foods abound!  Choose your driving tour of farms within Montgomery County which are split between locations to the east or west of I-270. Both tours will give you a chance to purchase meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, milk, and desserts, so you can assemble a complete dinner menu, plus you will have opportunities to purchase handmade gifts for guests as well!  Each farm has been highlighted as a source for one component of your meal - and know that each farm offers an abundance of products. To complete your dinner menu, choose from an array of specialty craft beverages from farm breweries, wineries and cideries featured in our Grape & Grain Tours. Set up your picnic tables, decide on your guest list, and choose a recipe to make using only Montgomery County Farm fresh products!  Please share a recipe or photo of your farm fresh dinner with us by tagging our social media #Farms2Feast. Please visit the website for each farm you are planning to visit for all details and to make reservations, where necessary!


Close up image of classic car Car Photo Credit: Mark Elliott on Pixabay

A relaxing, scenic, self-driving tour highlighting the beautiful countryside of the Ag Reserve. The tour includes suggestions for picnic spots, walks/hikes, and photo ops along the way. The entire route without stops is approximately 2 hours. You can drive the entire route, drive part of the route, or make a day of it and explore the stopping areas noted. Remember to bring your packed lunch!
Due to social distancing requirements,  please visit the website for each farm you are planning to visit for all details and to make reservations, where necessary!

Revive the Sunday Drive Tour Directions


Buy Local Challenge

Getting Started is easy and it’s fun! The Buy Local Challenge is designed so that you can participate as little or as much as  you like--the important thing is to start thinking FRESH, LOCAL, SEASONAL when you make choices about buying and preparing meals, snacking, and dining out.