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Keep the Change - Bring Your Bag - Fight Litter

Residents and the Bag Law

Avoid the 5 cent bag charge when shopping at grocery stores, department stores and local, small businesses.  Bring your reusable bag wherever you shop and never pay the fee again.

Keep Your Reusable Bags Clean!

Keeping your reusable bags clean is as important to your health as washing your kitchen towels, dish rags, and sponges. Reusable bags can become soiled and unsanitary over time and unsuitable for carrying food. Here are some tips for keeping reusable bags clean:

  • Bring your bag and keep it clean. Reusable bags made out of cotton can be machine washed with similar items such as kitchen towels.
  • Polyester/nylon bags and bags made out of recycled plastic can be hand washed with warm soapy water and hung to dry; let them dry completely, both inside and out and right side out.
  • Bags can also be cleaned on the inside with a disinfecting wipe or spray after each use.
  • Choose two bags that are easily identifiable and permanently designate one bag for meats and one bag for produce, also let your cashier know what should go into each bag.
  • Wrap items that can leak to prevent contamination of other foods or the reusable bag (There is no charge for bags used to contain perishable items, such as packaged meats).
  • Consider where you keep reusable bags; store them in clean dry places that will not be exposed to potential contaminants such as pets or shoes.
  • Do not store reusable bags in the trunk of your car; the hot temperature creates a nurturing home for bacteria.

We are keeping our environment healthy by reducing the number of bags used, and we can keep ourselves and those around us healthy by making sure reusable bags are clean! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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