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Here you will find information on two important activities related to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project in Montgomery County: the Corridor Advisory Committees and the various BRT projects' Open Houses. If you would like instead to learn about BRT in general and keep up with its latest developments in the county, please refer to 

BRT vehicle

What are the Corridor Advisory Committees?

The Corridor Advisory Committees or CACs are groups of selected residents that allow Montgomery County to use their feedback in the planning and implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project. 

CAC meetings take place several times throughout the year. Although they are open to the general public, residents who were selected as members of the CACs are expected to accummulate knowledge through the meetings in order to provide better suggestions and also communicate BRT developments to the constituencies they represent. For more information, go to the upper blue menu and click on "Corridor Advisory Committee".

What are Open Houses?

Although the CAC meetings are open to the general public, attendees of the CAC meetings are expected to absorb abundant information and rely on information provided from previous meetings. Open Houses on the contrary take place periodically and do not require residents to bring accumulated knowledge from other BRT activities. Here, residents can just stop in, learn, ask questions, and offer comment to our staff. Open Houses, like CAC meetings, allow Montgomery County to better shape the planning and implementation of a BRT project. For more information, go to the upper blue menu and click on BRT Projects. The Open Houses are listed within each project/corridor.

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