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New Hampshire Flash Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

This planning study will determine the configuration, stations
and termini of the New Hampshire Avenue BRT corridor

Transit Project

Project Manager:
Sandra Marks
Capital Projects Manager
Transportation Planning and Design

Project Description

The New Hampshire Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor was identified in the 2013 Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan. Traffic on New Hampshire Avenue primarily flows southbound in the morning and northbound in the evening. The BRT would serve areas such as Takoma Park, Langley Park, and the emerging mixed-use center at White Oak. The City of Takoma Park has been advancing a concept plan adopted locally in 2008 to convert New Hampshire Avenue, from University Boulevard to Eastern Avenue, into a more pedestrian-friendly, multi-way boulevard that accommodates multiple modes of transportation, while serving as a destination.

Master Plan Corridor recommendations, from north to south:

  • From Colesville park-and-ride to Lockwood Drive, BRT will operate in general traffic lanes.
  • From Lockwood Drive to the District line, BRT will operate in dedicated lane(s). The Master Plan also recommends considering curb lanes or mixed traffic treatments from Sligo Creek Parkway to the District line, as outlined in the City of Takoma Park’s New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Concept Plan.

This planning study will refine the Master Plan recommendation and determine station locations, BRT configuration and corridor termini.

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Project Map

Project Status

This project began in the fall of 2021.

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About Corridor Advisory Committees (CAC)

Corridor Advisory Committees follow Master Plan guidance as approved by the Montgomery County Council: “A vital facet of facility planning is to receive input and feedback from affected property owners, civic and business groups, and transit riders and road users, including public forums and workshops, electronic newsletters, and other forms of outreach… Accordingly, a citizens' advisory group comprised of residents, business owners and other relevant stakeholders must be created for each corridor which enters into facility planning to make recommendations to the County on the design, construction and proposed station locations for the transit corridor [emphasis added]

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The project is funded for the planning phase. Future design and construction phases are currently unfunded.