WHAT is Flash?

Nationally, there is a movement towards upgraded bus systems that focus on faster, more convenient, and reliable bus services, known as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. BRTs are known to have limited-stop bus service implemented along set routes in metropolitan areas across the US and worldwide.

Flash is a planned bus rapid transit network with more than 100 stops along nine routes that will offer high frequency service designed to get people to their destination faster, and less expensively, than by car.

Upcoming Flash Network - Click Map to Enlarge

HOW is Flash different from a typical bus service?

Flash is different from typical bus service in that it is designed to arrive every few minutes, has upgraded amenities, pre-boarding payment, priority traffic light signaling, and dedicated lanes where possible. This type of service is known nationally as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).  Flash also offers amenities such as level boarding for wheelchairs, strollers and bikes, easy-to-use bike racks, and free Wi-Fi and USB charging and the vehicles stop at each of the state-of-the-art stations so there is no need to pull a chord.

WHY Flash?

Public transportation plays an important role in the daily lives of Montgomery County residents and visitors, providing access to work, schools, shopping, daily activities, and more. Public transportation connects communities by getting people where they need to go quickly and efficiently. Flash service fosters equitable communities by providing reliable mobility. It also boosts the local economy, provides sustainable transportation options, and supports a healthier, hassle free lifestyle.

WHERE is Flash?

Flash currently operates on US 29. The County has a vision to expand transit mobility by providing a comprehensive Flash network throughout the community. Keep an eye out for Flash coming to Veirs Mill Rd, MD 355, North Bethesda, and New Hampshire Avenue.

flash routes

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