Code Enforcement - Special notice prior to payments

Welcome to the Office of the County Attorney’s Online Civil Citation Payment Service site. This website allows for the secure payment of civil fines due to Montgomery County, Maryland and it’s agencies. This site cannot be used to pay Traffic Violations.  This site has been approved by Montgomery County, Maryland and the payments are managed by VitalChek Network, Inc.

Please follow the directions carefully to ensure the accuracy of your payment. If you have more than one citation number each one will need to be paid separately. If the citation number you entered is not found, please contact the Code Enforcement Unit by emailing Tammy Cheraghi at   [email protected] 

By paying through this site, you will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee which is retained by the vendor, LexisNexis VitalChek Network Inc. The fee is $2.5 on all debit card charges and eChecks, or for credit card amounts less than or equal $100. For credit card amount over $100, the service fee is 2.6%. The service fee is charged by LexisNexis VitalChek Network Inc. Payments are accepted via credit card, debit card and/or e-check. You may choose to pay your debt without a convenience fee, by sending a check or money order payable to the Montgomery County, Maryland, and please write the citation number (s) on the payment and mail it to :

Office of the County Attorney,
Code Enforcement Unit
101 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor,
Rockville, Maryland, 20850

Please note that court fees cannot be made through this website. All court fees must be mailed directly to the Office of the County Attorney and be payable to “District Court of MD”. 

PAYMENTS FOR CITATIONS may be made online at any hour. Please click here to make payment or go to:

Commissioners MAY NOT accept payments for filing fees or citations/ticket.