Summer Intern Program

The goal of the Office of the County Attorney’s Summer Intern Program is to provide a variety of assignments that will give law school students meaningful experience along with a better understanding of the practice of law. Usually, interns have a chance to work with several different attorneys in the Office’s different divisions over the course of the internship, which further expands the learning experience. The assignments that an intern may receive depend upon the needs of the Office during the internship period. The Office seeks to provide mentoring opportunities and constructive feedback for most assignments.

The following list reflects the assignments that some of the interns have handled in past years:

  • Observe depositions, administrative hearings before County agencies, trials, motions hearings, moot courts, and legislative sessions.
  • Assist attorneys in preparing cases for trial (compile exhibits, contact witnesses) or with discovery tasks (prepare interrogatories, interview witnesses).
  • Perform cite checks of briefs and legal memoranda to ensure that: citations are accurate, complete, and conform to the Bluebook; the substance of the cited material supports the point asserted; and the cases cited have not been overruled or modified in subsequent proceedings; and quotes are accurate.
  • Conduct legal research on various issues (e.g., constitutional law, tort, contract, real property, zoning, civil procedure, landlord-tenant, administrative law, statutory construction).
  • Compile legislative history for individual State and County laws.

The 2024 summer intern program application is now closed.  The 2025 summer intern program application will open in December 2024.   Thank you for your interest.