Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Core Function 1: Planning and Policy

  • Develop and manage the County's Homeland Security Strategy
  • Develop and update the County Emergency Operations Plan and the County Hazardous Mitigation Plan
  • Develop, coordinate and manage State and Federal emergency management and homeland security grants
  • Coordinate community preparedness programs
  • Coordinate the County's homeland security plans and grant funds with State, regional, local, County and municipal partners
  • Draft Memorandum of Understandings to support partnerships with Response and Recovery Partners

Core Function 2: Operations

  • Manage the Emergency Operation Center, its system and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Conduct exercises with County leadership and the Emergency Management Group annually
  • Promote training on plans and systems supporting County response and recovery activities
  • Manage the interdepartmental governance of the Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC) and the Alternate Public Safety Communications Center (APSCC)
  • Coordinate the County's homeland security and emergency preparedness programs with Federal, State, regional, local County and municipal agencies
  • Manage the County Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Manage and support the County Hazardous Material Permitting Program
  • Manage the County Remedial Action Program
  • Maintain County Emergency Notification Systems