Financial Assistance is Available for Homeowners 

The Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund for Homeowners Impacted by COVID

The Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Program can provide grants or loans for delinquent mortgage payments, past due association fees and past due real estate taxes - as well as for home repairs and energy efficiency improvements. Eligibility is based on income and COVID impact; owner occupancy is required. Applications are open now at the Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund program.

For free help in understanding and applying for assistance, Montgomery County homeowners should contact one of the approved housing counseling agencies, listed below. Housing counselors will help you to understand additional relief options based on your specific circumstances and can assist you in finding a solution that works best for you. 

Homeowner Property Tax Credits

Homeowners with modest income and assets may qualify for a tax credit. The application deadline is October 1. Qualified homeowners who are age 60+ also receive a 50% matching Tax Credit from Montgomery County.  If you have questions, call 410-767-5900.

For more information about additional property tax credits and exemptions, see Property Tax Credit and Exemption Information and Senior Tax Credit Programs

Montgomery County Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program

Eligible homeowners can apply for the Montgomery County Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program.  The program, established by Montgomery County, supports energy efficiency upgrades for eligible County homeowners. Eligibility is limited to those who live in their home, are customers of PEPCO or Washington Gas, and qualify based on household income. You can find more information at: Montgomery County Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program