EMIHS 5-Minute Lineup Drills

Emergency Medical and Integrated Healthcare Services

Stabilization Room 02/27/2024
Fentanyl OD Exposure Myths (PDF) 01/31/2024
Auto-Generated Narratives (PDF) 01/24/2024
Police Custody Refusals (PDF) 01/08/2024
DTT Works (PDF) 12/04/2023
Pump Cheat Sheets in Handtevy (PDF) 10/27/2023
LIFEPAK Event Change (PDF) 10/17/2023
CPR Bosses: Use Handtevy (PDF) 09/14/2023
Translation App (PDF) 08/24/2023
Trauma Transports (PDF) 08/18/2023
Bring the Device to be Replaced (PDF) 08/14/2023
Transfer of Care Times (PDF) 07/31/2023
Hospital Notifications (PDF) 06/27/2023
Language Line (PDF) 05/25/2023
EMS700 (PDF) 05/19/2023
Inter-Agency Transfer of eMeds Reports (PDF) 05/11/2023
Domestic Violence (PDF) 04/20/2023
Xylazine (PDF) 04/10/2023
Two Medics on One AFRA (PDF) 03/31/2023
Lift Assists (PDF) 03/24/2023
Repatriation (PDF) 03/21/2023
Device Failures (PDF) 03/12/2023
Documenting eMEDS Times (PDF) 03/01/2023
Cyanokit (PDF) 02/14/2023
ALS to BLS Downgrade Responsibilities (PDF) 02/02/2023
Hypothermic Arrest Part 2 (PDF) 01/23/2023
GEC Transports (PDF) 01/16/2023
Hypothermic Arrest Part 1 (PDF) 01/11/2023
Unlimited Defibrillations (PDF) 01/02/2023
Cardiac Arrest After Hanging (PDF) 12/22/2022
Destination Documentation (PDF) 12/14/2022
RSV (PDF) 11/03/2022
Post ROSC Care (PDF) 10/20/2022
Naloxone (PDF) 09/22/2022
Croup is ALS (PDF) 09/14/2022
Patients in Police Custody (PDF) 09/01/2022
Non-Medical Transports (PDF) 08/24/2022
Medication Labels (PDF) 08/10/2022
BLS Albuterol (PDF) 07/06/2022
Trauma Care Bag (PDF) 06/17/2022
Alternative Destinations (PDF) 04/28/2022
Handtevy (PDF) 04/14/2022
ePCR Documentation (PDF) 04/07/2022
Do Not Use Good Intent (PDF) 03/30/2022
What is a Patient? (PDF) 03/17/2022
What is the 4th Party Caller? (PDF) 03/09/2022
Adult Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR) (PDF) 02/22/2022
Stroke: Last Known Well Time (LKW) (PDF) 02/17/2022
CASEY HOUSE - Montgomery Hospice (PDF) 01/30/2022
Croup (PDF) 12/16/2021
ALS to BLS Downgrade Timeout (PDF) 12/14/2021
ALS to BLS Downgrade Requirement to Engage (PDF) 12/03/2021
ALS to BLS Downgrade Process (PDF) 11/17/2021
Posterior Cerebellar Assessment (PDF) 10/30/2021
Not All Stroke Patients Are the Same (PDF) 10/20/2021
Verbal DNR (PDF) 10/12/2021
CO Poisoning and Hyperbaric Referral (PDF) 10/03/2021
Aeromedical Decision Making (PDF) 09/23/2021
Pronouncement of Death (PDF) 09/16/2021
Dumping the Lifepak Charge (PDF) 09/01/2021