On September 8, 2001, just days before the tragic events of 9/11, Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan opened the Charles W. Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity in Wheaton, Maryland to serve Montgomery County’s growing immigrant population. The Gilchrist Center is the main gateway to success for thousands of immigrants who come to Montgomery County with limited financial resources. The free classes are the first step to learning English for many who could not otherwise afford to pay for private lessons. Computer classes allow some of our neighbors in need to get promotions at work that allow them to house and feed their families. Classes at the Gilchrist Center start many on the path to citizenship. The Center’s information and referral staff connect our new neighbors with the services they need to thrive. Fifteen years after its founding, the Gilchrist Center has more than proven its worth by becoming a living demonstration of Montgomery County’s commitment to welcoming and serving its immigrant population.  R
ead the  biography of Charles W. Gilchrist.

5th Anniversary Report to the Community

In 2016, the Gilchrist Center celebrated its 15th anniversary.  Read about our history and evolution, and meet some of the community members the Center has touched throughout the years, in our 15th Anniversary Report to the Community.
Check out our new nine minute documentary video about the Gilchrist Center, created by our super volunteer Joy C. West of WJOYProductions. 

Opening Ceremony Articles and Interviews