Gilchrist Center Classes

Please note that all of our current classes are being provided ONLINE only. Please check back frequently for program updates. For more information, please see below or call (240) 777-4940.   

Fall 2020 Online Classes (Coming Soon!)

English Classes
Computer Classes
Citizenship Preparation Classes (Registration required)
Online English Conversation Classes (drop-in)


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Gilchrist Center Services 

Information and Referral Services:  
Each of our sites has extensive information about local government and non-profit resources that focus on the needs of the County's new immigrants and newcomers. Programs include English as a Second Language classes, citizenship and civics classes, basic legal assistance and informational seminars on a variety of topics.  Stop by or call one of our sites to speak to an Information and Referral Specialist.  Click on the Resources Tab at the top of this page to see our many online resources.  

Volunteer Program
:  All of the Gilchrist Center's programs and classes are taught by our extraordinary volunteers.  Our volunteer program serves the local immigrant populations, helps to forge new relationships, and build mutual respect, cultural competence and awareness. Professionals, retirees, students and all community members are welcome.  Visit our  Volunteers page for more information.

Please call (240) 777-4940 for more information on programs and activities.

Updated 8/13/2020