Home Fire Safety for Family and Friends of Older Adults

When it comes to fire, adults over age 65 are at greater risk than any other group. Most fire deaths occur in the home and it is important for older adults to know how to protect themselves. If you have a relative, friend or neighbor in this high-risk group, please take a few minutes to complete this fire safety check of their home.

Conduct the following safety checks:

  • Check that the smoke alarms have been tested. If not, test the smoke alarm by pressing the alarm test button. If it is difficult to reach, use a broom handle or ruler to test it.
  • Check that the batteries have been changed within the past year. Batteries should be replaced each year. It is a good idea to mark the date on the batteries so that anyone will know when they were last replaced. Families are encouraged to change the batteries in the fall during "Change your Clock, Change Your Batteries" programs.
  • A chirping sound indicates a low battery, but this sound can be difficult for an older person to hear or recognize.
  • Check for scorch marks on pots and pans. If you find scorch marks, discuss with the older person. He/she may be leaving cooking unattended.
  • Check that clothing, bedding, furniture and floors are free of cigarette burns.If you find cigarette burns, discuss the situation with your older friend or relative.

Fire Safety

Take a few minutes to learn about safety in the home and get family members involved! With a little planning, many injuries and deaths from fires and unintentional injuries could be prevented. We put safety where you put your family - FIRST. Please don't hesitate to call the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service if you need help with any aspect of your home safety.