Contracting Information

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Request for Information

The Department of General Services has issued a Request for Information for "Zero Emission Technologies for Purchase, Lease and Service of Transit Buses and Other Supporting Infrastucture Applications". Click here to view the RFI. Please note that this is not a Formal Solicitation issued by the Office of Procurement. All questions should be directed to Responses Due: December 18, 2020 - 5:00 PM.

Formal Solicitations

Formal solicitations include Invitation for Bids (IFB), Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Expressions of Interest (REOI). The following are sealed Bids/Proposals which will be received in the Montgomery County Office of Procurement, Suite 180, Rockville Center, 255 Rockville Pike, Maryland, 20850, for the purchase of Supplies, Equipment and Services for the Montgomery County Government. For information on solicitations reserved for the Local Small Business Reserve Program, please click here.

Please click the solicitation number for scope of services, bid holder list and download instructions.

Solicitation PROjections

The listing of solicitations and projects on this page are provided as a forecast for FY21 based on department input and as of the date of listing. This list may not be complete and changes may occur during the fiscal year based on a number of factors, including budget and resources. In addition to this listing, the County also has a listing of its current active contracts here. This active contracts list is searchable by several fields, including expiration date, department and description. Businesses may use this tool to view a listing of contracts that may be re-solicited in the year prior to its expiration (especially if there are no extensions available).

To receive e-notifications of advertised solicitations, please make sure you are registered as a County vendor and your commodity codes and contact information are up to date.  If a solicitation is issued that matches one of your codes, an e-notice will be sent.  However, to ensure you have the most current information on advertised solicitations, please see here:  

Department Solicitation Description Reserved for Local Small Businesses? Estimated Date of Issuance
Community Use of Public Facilities Community Use of Public Facilities Fee Study   Fall 2020
Procurement Wage Requirements Law Payroll Auditing Services YES Spring 2021
Police Roadside Deer, Small Wildlife & Domestic Animals   2021
Police Language Interpretation Services   2021
Fire & Rescue Inflatable Boats   Fall 2020
General Services Carpet, Carpet Tile & Other Floor Coverings, Installation and Repair Services   2021
Alcohol Beverage Services Retail Point of Sales System   2021
Fire & Rescue Senior Citizens Fire Safety Education and Outreach Services   2021
Recreation Arts, Crafts and Classroom Supplies   Fall 2021
General Services Snow Removal at County Facilities Yes Spring 2021
Recreation Fitness Equipment, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Yes Fall 2020
General Services Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services Yes Spring 2021
Transportation Snow Removal at County Parking Facilities Yes Spring 2021
Libraries Library Materials Recovery and Notification Services   Winter 2020
Transportation Residential and Rustic Roadway Patching   Fall 2020
Technology Svcs Computer Media Vaulting, Hosting & Disaster Recovery Services   Winter 2020
Technology Svcs Media Production Services   Winter 2020
Technology Svcs Montgomery County Consulting and Technical Services (MCCATS), Multi-Award (8 Contractors)   Winter 2021
Technology Svcs Information Technology Commodities   Spring 2021

Solicitation Process Maps

Please see the files below for a high level view of the estimate on timelines for formal solicitations.

Invitation for Bid (IFB) Workflow
Request for Proposal (RFP) Workflow
Solicitation Tracker

Use this feature to view the status of a solicitation from issuance to contract execution. Begin by entering a solicitation number or description.

Informal Solicitations

An Informal Solicitation is a procurement accomplished without an invitation for bids, request for proposal, or request for expressions of interest. It is not subject to formal public notice. Departments will typically post informal solicitations for a period of five business days.

Please click the solicitation number for scope of services, bid holder list and download instructions.

Open Solicitations

  1. Procurement Regulations 27-03AM, § define Open Solicitation as: ...a process by which the County accepts applications for a contract on a continuing basis and awards a contract to each applicant who meets pre-established objective qualifications. An Open Solicitation permits the County to receive and act on an application for a contract award on a continuing basis.
  2. This listing is provided for your convenience. Please click the solicitation number for scope of services and contact information to obtain a copy of the solicitation document(s).

Please click the solicitation number for scope of services, bid holder list and download instructions.


Bid Tabulations

Latest Bid Tabulations

The listing below includes bid holders for IFB solicitations opened within the last 30 days. Please click the solicitation number to view the results.

All Bid Tabulations

Click the magnifying glass to search for the desired solicitation's bid tabulation. Scroll to the last column to link to the bid tab.

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Public Notice

The County is entering into competitive negotiations for RFP #1094409.

Proposed Awardees

Below are proposed awardees that have been posted within the last 30 days. To obtain an awardee for a solicitation not listed below, please contact the Office of Procurement.

Please note that proposed awardees for INFORMAL solicitations are not posted on Procurement's website. You must contact the Department associated with the informal for more information.

Please click the solicitation number for scope of services, bid holder list and download instructions.

Contract Search Engine

The table listed below includes all active County contracts. This list is updated daily. To search for a specific contract, please click the magnifying glass in the header row. Please visit to access all functionality within the contracts dataset.

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