Our mission is to promote safe neighborhoods and communities in Montgomery County that are equitable and inclusive for all residents. We believe that building a more just society requires addressing implicit bias, eliminating institutional racism, and improving cultural competence in all aspects of public safety. It also requires a greater understanding of mental & behavioral health, addiction, poverty, and other conditions that afflict our residents can impact their interactions with the public safety system.

To achieve this, we assembled a community-wide effort to reimagine public safety in Montgomery County with a focus on transforming the Montgomery County Police Department and all public safety programs to better serve our community.

We believe that investing in safe communities involves prioritizing investments that align with community needs, including additional resources for education, housing, employment, healthcare, social-emotional supports, and other public benefits. By taking a holistic approach to public safety, we can build a more equitable and inclusive Montgomery County for all residents.

About the Reimagining Public Safety Initiative