Archived page - The Reimagining Public Safety Task Force published its final report in February 2021.

Reimagining Public Safety Task Force

The Task Force will:

  • Develop recommendations that reimagine the Montgomery County Police Department and all public safety programs by January 18, 2021;
  • Discuss institutional racism in public safety and explore opportunities for reforms in policies and programs that disproportionately impact communities they serve;
  • Review police operations that may not be mission focused;
  • Reimagine the County response to community needs for health and social services where Police are filling the void; and
  • Provide input on the independent and comprehensive, including racial bias, audit of the Police Department.

The Reimagining Public Safety Task Force has 5 subcommittees, or Focus Areas:

  1. Community Needs - 911 and 311 Data
  2. Budget and Structure
  3. Police Department Programs
  4. Alternative Programs to Police & Jail
  5. Health, Social Services & Crisis Response System


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Community Representatives

See community representatives, with their biographies

County Departments

Department Representative
Office of Community Partnerships Diane Vu, Director
Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Ben Stevenson, Acting Chief, Community Corrections Division
Office of the County Attorney Vlatka Tomazic, Assistant County Attorney
County Council Susan Farag, Legislative Analyst
Office of the County Executive BB Otero, Special Assistant to the County Executive
Debbie Spielberg, Special Assistant to the County Executive
Caroline Sturgis, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer
East County Regional Office Jewru Bandeh, Director
Fire and Rescue Services Dorcus Howard Richards, Assistant Chief & Executive Officer, Office of the Fire Chief
Department of Health and Human Services Luis Cardona, Administrator, Positive Youth Development
Raymond Crowel, Psy.D., Director
Amanda Harris, Chief, Services to End and Prevent Homelessness
Dorne Hill, Acting Administrator, Trauma and Crisis Services
Athena Morrow, Manager, Adult Forensics Services
Office of Human Rights James Stowe, Director
Office of Labor Relations Steven Blivess, Acting Chief
Office of Legislative Oversight Chris Cihlar, Ph.D., Director
Elaine Bonner Tompkins, Ph.D., Senior Legislative Analyst
Office of Management and Budget Jennifer Bryant, Acting Budget Director
David Gottesman, CountyStat Manager
Trevor Lobaugh, Fiscal and Policy Analyst
Montgomery County Police Department Tom Didone, Assistant Chief
Willie Parker-Loan, Assistant Chief
Dinesh Patil, Assistant Chief
Ronald Smith, Assistant Chief
Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice Tiffany Ward, Director

Labor Unions Representing County Employees

Labor Union Representative
Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35 Torrie Cooke, President
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1664 Jeffrey Buddle, President
Montgomery County Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association Marcine Goodloe, President
United Food and Commercial Workers International Local 1994 MCGEO Gino Renne, President

County Agencies, Local Municipalities, and Others

Agency  Representative
Chevy Chase Village Police John Fitzgerald, Chief
Maryland-National Capital Park Police, Montgomery County Division Darryl McSwain, Chief
Office of the Public Defender Allen Wolf, District Public Defender
State's Attorney's Office John McCarthy, State Attorney
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Darren Popkin, Sheriff
City of Takoma Park Police Antonio DeVaul, Chief