Learn how the new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (PHBs) make crossing safer for everyone! 


Abuelina is here to promote overall wellness and safety for everyone in our community. You may recognize her and her family when they shared information about COVID safety and wellness resources in Montgomery County. Now that the Covid restrictions have been lifted, she is focusing on keeping our pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers safe while navigating Montgomery County. She is ready to teach our community about how the new PHBs work and how they keep us all safer.

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This is NEW technology that makes crossing busy streets SAFER whether you’re walking, driving, or riding!

Learning how to use them is easy!
Follow just 3 steps:

Signal Change Instructions

More about PHBs

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (PHBs) or high-intensity activated crosswalk (HAWK) beacons, are a new tool to meet pedestrian safety needs at mid-block crossings or intersections where the traffic volume is too low to warrant a continuously cycling traffic signal. This safety infrastructure aligns with the County’s Vision Zero initiative to improve pedestrian safety. PHBs are rated as a Proven Safety Countermeasure by the Federal Highway Administration.  > Learn More

Montgomery County is Committed to Reaching our Vision Zero goal of ending serious injury and death on our roadways.

The County has put resources in place to eliminate serious and fatal collisions on County roads for vehicle occupants (drivers and passengers), pedestrians, and bicyclists by the end of 2030.

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Pedestrian using crosswalk

About Abuelina

Abuelina is a wise grandmother character first used by the Latino Health Initiative in 2021 to promote the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines. Abuelina, her husband, DonCarlos, and grandchildren Alex and Valentina, shared messages throughout the pandemic to encourage vaccinations.

La Abuelina is here to promote overall wellness and safety for everyone in our community.

With Abuelina’s success with increasing vaccination rates, she is focusing on another health and safety issue – increasing pedestrian and roadway safety. She is sharing information about the new, innovative traffic signals to raise awareness among Hispanic County residents and reduce serious and fatal collisions on County roads.

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La Abuelina

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