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>MoCo Council Effectively Ends Veterans Homelessness
MoCo Council Effectively Ends Veterans Homelessness
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Housing Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Handbook this handbook describes what the Housing Code Enforcement Section does and how it does it.

A Guide To Code Enforcement

How to View Status of Code Enforcement Cases

How to File a Complaint

Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Code Enforcement
100 Maryland Avenue, Ssuite 260
Rockville, MD  20850-2322

How to Report a Vacant Property

Housing Code Enforcement Codes/Law

​* You will have to search within American Legal's website for the specific Chapter/Code

CoreLogic SafeRent (formerly First Advantage SafeRent) CoreLogic SafeRent is a service that provides comprehensive reports regarding an applicant's credit and rental history. CoreLogic SafeRent enables the landlord to review an applicant's rental history before signing a lease. Landlords of single-family, condominium, licensed accessory units, and small multi-family units (10 or less) who are currently licensed by the Department's Licensing & Registration Unit can access CoreLogic SafeRent, for a nominal fee of $11 per applicant, by calling (240) 777-0311; room rentals are not eligible. Check or money orders from the licensed landlord must accompany the rental application.  Tenants who are rejected based on information contained in a CoreLogic SafeRent report can obtain a copy of their report, free of charge, by calling CoreLogic SafeRent at 1 (888) 333-2413. For more information regarding CoreLogic SafeRent, call (240) 777-0311.

*We do not run queries for applications for properties within the municipalities/incorporated city limits of Rockville or Gaithersburg.


​* You will have to search within Amlegal's website for the specific Chapter/Code